Lowtax:: This dude looks like he suddenly became so lazy he just fell over and disintegrated while smoking a pipe and trying to solve a mystery.

Lowtax:: "Can you crack the world's most boring mystery? Are you up to the challenge?" He thought so, and 20 minutes later, bam, he slumped over and fell apart.

Zack: It does have a sudden raygun victim vibe to it.

Lowtax:: "Well you see, I was smoking my pipe and trying to read normal-sized text with a magnifying glass for no real reason, when I suddenly realized I wanted to die. So I did."

Zack: Nobody finishes In Search of Lost Time. Not even a vampire.

Lowtax:: Note the two unlit matches on the left. Memories of innocence lost.

Lowtax:: Also, dude I know you're dead and have major dental issues and all, but seriously putting candles on your Harry Potter books is not a safe idea.

Zack: And with that linen cape. What were you thinking?

Zack: You might as well be reading a propane tank.

Lowtax:: Is the rest of him behind the desk, in back of the books?

Zack: Maybe he was the books.

Zack: Just a head on some books.

Lowtax:: Did his hand detach and fall into a luxurious box?

Zack: He molted in the middle of a chapter from eating too many vitamins.

Lowtax:: This is all coming together now... I see the big picture... and it's just as stupid as the smaller ones.

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