Zack: Every Special Abilities entry introduces a dozen powers and weapons and stupid, useless details.

Steve: Maybe I should pick a Scarrok. They get two distilled heal spring melons. That sounds good. Is it good?

Zack: I don't know.

Steve: Can you find out? Look in the index.

Zack: Which one. Raven was bragging about there being five of them.

Steve: Is one of them an index to indexes?

Zack: No, but the good news is the indexes appear to be illustrated. I don't see it in the main index.

Steve: It's not in the provisions index under healing.

Zack: "Distilled?" No, maybe "Drugs."

Steve: Drugs goes straight from DMSO to Emotion Enhancer.

Zack: Wait, I found it, under "Natural Substances." Page 104. It says, "Heals all wounds and most diseases."

Steve: Can I just have the dmso and emotion enhancer?

Zack: Sure. Combine them and you will instantly feel melancholy.

Steve: Sweet. Okay, now what the hell is a Scarrok?

Zack: Look it up yourself, fucker.

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