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Mad Bill Boothe had a very profitable evening.
3 minutes ago. 2 Comments
Sheriff Pawley if I find out any trains have been robbed, yer as good as dead.
Mad Bill Boothe Sheriff, the mere fact you'd think me capable of such a sinful miscarriage of law shocks me. Any plundered trains are surely the work of a lesser man than I.
Father Gerald Funeral services will begin at 9am tomorrow. Please dress respectfully.
5 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Wild Ron Son of a bitch. I need a stiff drink. Whiskey.
5 minutes ago. 3 Comments
Bronco Bob what are so glum about? Horse decide yer too ugly to haul around?
Duke Bob, you goddamn idiot.
Bronco Bob what the heck is ridin up your saddle??
Chicago Bill is now listed as dead.
10 minutes ago. 1 Comment
Wild Ron why'd you have to go and do such a dumb thing, you dumb son of a bitch?
Vaquero Esquerra what the heck??? just saw a guy get hanged
11 minutes ago. 0 Comments
12 minutes ago. 5 Comments
Rutherford Griffith SWEET JESUS I was just having drinks with that guy not more'n ten minutes ago.
Sooty Stan You inebriated fools, that's Chicago Bill gettin hung. He's still twitchin like a worm.
Hoagy Calhoun Shoot. I liked Tiny Madison. Why'd they go and hang that little angel?
Tallahassee Parcy You goddamn idiots are stupider than a barrel of whores.
Tallahassee Parcy My apologies to the Lord for takin his name in such a poor manner.
Sheriff Woolbridge It's time. May God have mercy on Chicago Bill's soul.
14 minutes ago. 9 Comments
Doc Beauzerau taking life looks way more fun than saving it. i'm seriously in the wrong line of work.
Hoppy look at him go! And they call me hoppy???
Wild Ron Ah heck, I can't watch this.
Tex Crawford My horse would kick me in the teeth if she knew I was watchin a man die instead of tendin to her hide with that ointment.
Doc Beauzerau hahahahaha, there go his bowels. just like clockwork.
Slimy Morgan Aww heck, Doc, that's nothin. I've messed my pants up plenty worse and on much better days, too.
Bad James Randall damn doc, ain't you got no discretion?
Sheriff Pawley justice is served. Y'all best disperse now.
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt FREE CHICAGO BILL
Vaquero Esquerra goddamnit! got my wallet, but don't have enough coin in it to afford a whore. Why the heck did I buy them new horseshoes again?
17 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz the only song in my heart is the one they'll be hummin at my funeral.
36 minutes ago. 3 Comments
Rapid City Russ What that godless savage did to your beautiful hair makes me sick as shit, Red. You still got friends to lean on.
Cowboy Charlie I'd still fancy a tune or two if you got one to spare, Red. I don't care how bad yer scalp looks.
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz forget it fellahs, my yodelin' days are long past.
Tall James McGinley is no longer listed as lonesome.
50 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Prospectin' Doyle ain't gonna make no hangin today. Got too much gold to git.
2 hours ago. 0 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe Boys, the party is at 7:15 near the depot. Wear your work clothes.
3 hours ago. 2 Comments
Buford Bronson is now a fan of Stetson Hats
3 hours ago. 1 Comment
Buford Bronson good hats. Recommend 'em.

Vaquero Esquerra worst day ever, walked all the way to the brothel only to find out I forgot my wallet. gotta go fetch that damn thing. wait for me ladies!!! lol
4 hours ago. 0 Comments

Sheriff Pawley If anybody's got any notions of springin' Chicago Bill, it'll cost 'em dearly. I'm backin up Woolbridge tonight at the hangin.
6 hours ago. 2 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe Sheriff, allow me to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to you for working so diligently on behalf of the laws and constitutions of this great land.
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt FREE CHICAGO BILL
Sheriff Woolbridge hanging Chicago Bill at dusk. Y'all can come see what good shootin' a man in cold blood does.
8 hours ago. 5 Comments
Cincinnati Pete dibs on his iron.
Wenatchee Kid Jesus, Pete! At least wait until the man is dead.
Tallahassee Parcy You goddamn fruits.
Tallahassee Parcy Apologies to the Lord for sullying his good name just now.
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt FREE CHICAGO BILL
Chicago Bill well this is it. See y'all over the horizon.
9 hours ago. 255 Comments
Chicago Bill is now listed as incarcerated.
9 hours ago. 324 Comments

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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