Zack: Yech. Wolf man, have you be messing with my tarot cards again??

Steve: Wolf man roommate is the worst.

Zack: Stop tearing open the garbage! And what is this, a hex symbol in blood? You know I paid all of the deposit, right?

Steve: Those tarot cards depict how I live my life though dude: skanky babes with big noses, wild wheelies on my midnight hog cruises, death, and druids.

Zack: Only two things are inevitable: death and druids.

Zack: Wait, hang on, I want to go back. You own a motorcycle?

Steve: Does that blow your mind, dude?

Zack: I would be less surprised if you owned a submarine.

Steve: My mom's boyfriend got it for me. It doesn't run so I've got to fix it up.

Zack: Now this is sounding more believable. You have a broken motorcycle in your garage.

Steve: Out back under a tarp actually.

Zack: Do you have any idea how to fix a motorcycle?

Steve: That's what Youtube is for.

Zack: Right on. Let me know when you get your Devils Diciples jacket.

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