The Coalition Ethos and Aesthetic

Zack: Now that's just obnoxious. We get it! You love death!

Steve: Skulls are the primary building block of the Coalition. Pretty much their whole empire is skull-based. You name a mode of transportation and it has skulls.

Zack: Well I guess I don't have to name flying loaf of skull bread on a UFO.

Steve: Flying skull motorcycles. Skull tanks. They even have a walker that's just a skull with big cannons on it.

Zack: These guys are starting to piss me off.

Steve: They should, they're sorta the bad guys of Rifts.

Zack: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Love Hitler. Skulls on everything. Never would have guessed.

Steve: Well, they're human though, so they aren't as evil as like the Splugorth.

Zack: I'm not even going to ask.

Steve: Yeah, that's a whole other issue, but they're the guys on the cover.

Zack: Okay, so what does the Coalition believe in?

Steve: They hate magic. And extra dimensional creatures. Pretty much anything that came through a Rift. And drugs.

Zack: Are they also wasting billions a year in a war against people smoking a harmless plant?

Steve: No, they hate Juicers. They are like extreme sports guys in football padding who inject drugs and then fight like berzerkers.

Zack: I bet he is tough as hell as long as he doesn't have to bend or change positions.

Steve: The Coalition also hate magic cities and usually is bombing them or skirmishing.

Zack: Magic cities?

Steve: Like Tolkeen.

Zack: Oh fuck off.

Steve: No, that's what it's called!

Zack: I don't believe you.

Steve: Fine, don't, but they released like ten books about a war between the Coalition and Tolkeen.

Okay, okay. So they hate steroids and Gandalf. What do they like?

Steve: Skulls.

Zack: Besides Skulls.

Steve: Dogs.


Steve: Dogs.

Zack: Dogs??

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