Zack: The Erotic Commandos. The only unit elite enough to scale trees in silk stockings and high heels.

Steve: I was going to say she is hot as heck and then I looked at her eyes. What the heck is going on?! They're all black!

Zack: It looks like those aliens from Communion ransacked a Frederick's of Hollywood and then joined the insurgency in Iraq.

Steve: I'm not kidding, man, this is freaking me out.

Zack: She probably just had a bad case of stripper back and is dosed out of her mind on Vicodin. That pole is brutal on the spine.

Steve: It says in that little box up there that she is a waitress in Kansas.

Zack: I think "waitress" is Kansasonian for "she works Tuesdays at Sassy's Gentlemen's Club off I-70".

Steve: I would never go there if she worked there. I'd rather take a class at an insane asylum on how to paint dead clowns.

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