Zack:The inside of that pumpkin is handkerchief!

Dr. Thorpe:Even his redeye is pink. This cat knows how to coordinate. But even so, my first instinct is to look around this photograph for a flight of stairs I can push this guy down.

Zack:Yeah, biologists talk about "fight or flight" instincts, but I think this guy represents an entirely separate third instinct where you just want to see him falling down stairs.

Dr. Thorpe:You have to wonder whether this guy has a sense of humor about himself.

Zack:If the Crips use blue handkerchiefs and the Bloods use red, what gang is this guy affiliated with? The Trisomies?

Dr. Thorpe:The famed militant white liberation group "The Pink Panthers," of course.

Zack:Someone had to stand up for the white race. We've been oppressed for the past two hundred years.

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