Creative Convention? An entire convention composed of creative cretins? Same thinks so!

This is my deep, deep art film. - mock /mɒk/ – verb (used with object)

1. to attack or treat with ridicule, contempt, or derision.
2. to ridicule by mimicry of action or speech; mimic derisively.
3. to mimic, imitate, or counterfeit.

Goonfleet shameless propaganda contest! - Goonfleet wants you! To make fabulous Goonfleet propaganda to recruit new members!

Centralized Camera Gear Thread 5: Tripod Chat - A thread for those of you wanting that special special camera to take those special special naked photos of your special special friend.

Graffiti style (on walls or otherwise) - How rebellious of you guys!

Poetry Thread: March through Whenever - Goons sharing their inner thoughts and musings. This can not end well.

"The Gamblers" - A story by "scunish."

Science, Philosophy, and Education: the forum so nice, we didn't name it twice! QuantumCat whisks us away to a world of wit and whimsy.

The Finnish Thread: Teaching foreigners to say 'Perkele' - Don't forget the language threads in SPE! This week, spotlight on the Finnish thread, your best place to discuss all things Finnish (the country, the culture, the language...) with local goons.

BYOB is a forum shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It's like finding a booger on your car's dashboard, and having absolutely no idea how it got there. Planimal brings us this week's collection of boogers:

ITT a gif most of you have never seen – Apparently BYOB poster Hulkamatt is insane and that insanity reaches a wide spectrum of topics, but one of the more prominent ones is wrestling. Yes, my friend cannot get enough of guys busting chairs over each other’s head and tight spandex hotpants, and we’re introduced to a .gif most of us have never seen. WARNING: this image will haunt your dreams for years to come.

Goon commits suicide – Lowtax reveals to us that 2004 SA poster ohashi committed suicide back in January. The full story is told in a provided link, and BYOB wonders about life after death. Who will be the admin in heaven? Not Lowtax, that’s for sure.

BYOB: Image thread [It's like PYF picture but with more purple] – Basically, we just ripped off Post Your Favorite but made it hella goofy. Enjoy!

introducing SUPERBYOB [version 3.0] – BYOB mod forkbanger cooked up a feature that allows users to play games and browse the forums AT THE SAME TIME. This is web 2.0 here, folks.

first 5 people to post in this thread – You know that guy who is a complete dick but everyone hangs out with him anyways, just because he’s good for a laugh and his dad is rich and sometimes he’ll let you use the hot tub if you buy him a six-pack of watery New England beer? Well, that guy is Brain Issues, and he’s filmed his opinions about some of our BYOB posters (including me) that will rock your face OFF. (NWS for excessive use of the word FAGGOT)

how the fuck did this fat sack of shit get married? – “Hello my name is Jeremy Norman. I weighed 803lbs and had gastric bypass surgery. My preop and postop story has been in a Magazine, on Entertainment Tonight (where I met Richard Simmons), and local news when I came home after 14 1/2 months. I am now working to walk again and my Goal is to Help People with Support and Faith!”

BYOB Truth or Dare - Double Dare with Marc Summers – BYOB posters play Truth or Dare! Most people puss out with the Truth Option, but a few brave souls go ahead with the Dare. The first page has a dude with his head completely wrapped in toilet paper and it just gets better from there.

random browse – A link to a page that lets you randomly generate an image, many originating from SA itself. If you ever wanted to see a picture of a fuzzy duck standing on a frog’s head followed by a photo of a girl passed out drunk and naked in the street, then this thread is for you.

Check out this cool flash game. whats your high score – A flash game where you are a hippie kicking a television into the air, trying to avoid hitting Native Americans. O_o

warm fuzzies. – Today, my cat sat in my lap while I watched a Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD and my girlfriend baked me some cookies with love inside. What made you happy this week? (Update: the cookies tasted like shit and I am now single and looking.)

FYAD is pink. FYAD superstar Gobbles has tattooed the following information on his arm:

whoever bought me this avatar = unintentional comedy genius - Copy cop compares laughter frequency of two threads.

but when have we ever known media companies to use logic before filing laws - Ayn Randwich invokes a discussion of Google, Youtube, Viacom, and ducks.

Guess what guys, a real artist posts on SA. - Locdogg has found a creepy looking "artist" who enters the thread to defend herself. There really isn't defending yourself in this situation.

Question concerning how female Kool-Aid men give birth - Pretzelcoatl is probably tied with the female Kool-Aid men as least likely to become a mother.

what's everyone going to do when the crippling economic depression hits - ... aka Barnacle Jim is very unlikely to survive harsh times, however it is clear that Squishyfish will no matter what live a life better than yours.

That's all folks! Thank you to all the forum representatives, as well as the forum members who are actually responsible for these threads!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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