Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse. Not all anime is about tentacles and rape. Some of it is about pedophilia too! Of course I'm joking. Nobody has made such a joke before! Ever! Fishmech brings us the lowdown on this so-called "animation."

The Cook Persona - The moon is hungry?? - You probably never thought of "the cook" as being an anime archetype, but is it?

Higurashi Hiatus Thread: The last one met with a BAD END - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is an anime adaptation of a series of mystery games for the PC. Each episode is a chapter of the game series all taking place in a fictional village in June 1983.

Momocon - Atlanta, GA - March 17-18 - Momocon is an anime fan convention hosted by Georgia Tech. It's a smaller event this year, but ther's still time to go.

SF Goons, Go see Tokikake [56k gets pudding stolen] - An award-winning movie about a girl who discovers the ability to leap back in time, it's making the rounds of the country at film festivals. The San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival is playing it on March 17th and 22nd so Bay Area goons (and anyone who can afford airfare to San Francisco) will want to catch it as they're the last showings in America before the DVD comes out in April.

The Firing Range. Guns! Who doesn't like guns? I mean, besides victims of gun violence. King Hotpants shoots down this forum.

Official FUCK YOU S&W SEMI-AUTO DEPRECIATION STATION -- Smith & Wesson makes great revolvers and not-so-great semiautomatics. Radioactivelego demonstrates why.

Skyshark gets his JAE-100 -- SkyShark is a jerk who spends way too much money on his hobby, and this is another of his envy-inducing threads.

In Praise of Revolvers -- Fang questions the preference for semi-automatic handguns over revolvers. A treatise on the versatility and usefulness of these classic favorites.

100 Rounds of Fine Art
-- Simple enough: make pictures out of bullets. Favorites include catchphrases and forum emoticons.

Legal Handguns in DC Again? -- In a landmark decision, a US circuit court decides that DC's handgun ban is unconstitutional.

Home Defense Planning and Gang Violence -- MoparPogue discusses how to keep his home and family safe in a notoriously bad gang neighborhood.

Pet Island. Do you like dogs or cats? Sure, we all do. Light_urple brings us stories from the land of the pet. The island of the alive.

Siberian cats! – Siberian cats may soon replace Corgis as the most popular pets on Pet Island. Well, maybe not, but Siege isn't the only one who thinks they're cool!

Things I have learned since owning a pet – Pets are full of untapped knowledge. Mad Scientist has discovered you just need to live with them for awhile.

Another good pet store bites the dust. – It's easy to hate pet stores that sell puppies. That is, unless it's your favorite local mom-and-pop store...

Three rats + New camera = 56K beware – Rat brings us lots of cute rodent photos!

New gimmick cat breed? – Would you like to have a tiger living in your house, but you're worried about what it would do to your kids/dogs/couch/jugulars? Maybe the TOYGER is for you! Pioneermax doesn't really think so.

Share your groomer horror stories! – Take your dog in for a shampoo and a haircut, get that pesky tongue cut off for free! That's a pretty good deal, tis!

Fascinating necropsy today...guess the animal! (Warning: lots of blood!) – Forget all those cute puppies and kitties. What you need are pictures of mystery flesh! If you can stand the gore, this thread from Rauros is pretty interesting.
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