The Games Forum. If it's about games, and it's on a forum (this forum), then it's on The Games Forum. Mr. Onslaught provides these links:

Iconic stuff in games that aren't characters? - The crate from GoldenEye or the crate from Half-Life...only one can reign supreme!

God of War II - Have you ever talked to god? Cuz I'm on my way to kill him - Kratos returns in the PS2's swan song to kill stuff and/or break stuff. Also, there are breasts.

Wii Availability Thread Part 2099: Spider-man v. Doom - Still can't find a Wii? Grasp and straws and crawl around in the dark with your fellow sufferers in this tracking thread.

Bump this thread every time PC gaming dies a little more - The writing is on the wall, not even Spore can save it now...

Let's Play Resident Evil Code: Veronica X - Following up the success of Let's Play Resident Evil 4, thedarkid shoots more zombies for fun and profit.

Serious Hardware / Software Crap. Discussing things like "hardware" and "software," but really not much "crap," unless somebody mistakenly makes a thread about Vista. GodofLint made his list very nice and easy to copy and paste for me:

What is the most badly-named software - Because someone, somewhere out there thought that Nesticle was a good name for a program.

Debate and Discussion. People love to argue on the Internet, and people also love to hate politics. So what do you get when you combine the two? I don't know, but it involves a lot of libertarians. Yiggy serves us a steaming plate of:

Make broad and general political claims that are likely to provoke people. – D&D funfest! Get all of your flamebaiting out of your system and post the most outrageous political generalizations you can think of.

Texas House overwhelmingly rejects requiring HPV vaccine for schoolgirls – The lonestar state ain’t gonna have nobody tellin’ them how they control they kiddies sex lives, durnit, no matter how many pooner warts and tumors it causes!

The Failed Attorney General – Discussion over the latest Bush scandal. What are the implications and will there be any consequences this time?

CIA Leak Hearing - Well first you need to establish what you mean by... "covert"...

DC Circuit strikes down DC gun ban. 2nd amendment = individual right – Decision favoring gun rights will inevitably lead to a trip to the Supreme Court. How might Robert’s court decide on this issue?

Salon: Army orders injured troops to go to Iraq – Recent stories about injured soldiers being redeployed has raised a discussion as to what this implies about the state of our military recruitment.

Parliamentary elections in Finland on the 18th of this month – Have a break from reading about stupid US elections that are still twenty months away and take a look at how the Finland…ers do it.

UN Human Rights Council has so far criticized no country but Israel – The new Human Rights Council for the UN has a problem noticing other violations besides Israel, what has actually changed since the old one?

FDNY comes out against Giuliani – D&D discusses the basis for FDNY’s condemnation of Giuliani and surmises how it may affect his presidential bid.

UK documentary debunks global warming ?
– A recent documentary has rekindled the discussion and the frustration over global warming deniers.
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