No Music Discussion. This used to be the file forum where people traded illegal mp3s and whatnot. Then I decided I probably didn't want to get arrested, so I changed it. Now people just discuss their illegal mp3s. Ha ha, just kidding. Sometimes they're in .ogg format. Ask Sir Tonk if you don't believe me.

What's the worst song to get stuck in your head? - Yvetot obviously enjoys torture and you probably do too if you're reading this thread.

So are Rage Against the Machine getting back together or not? - Are you sick of refreshing for updates on Rage? PDMChubby has all your Rage info in an easy-to-read thread.

Best opening acts you've seen - For those of us that like to show up at concerts when the doors open, HankMcCoy has created a handy place to comment on the opener's performances.

Commercials the kill good music - giancarlo still watches TV and is upset that his favorite songs are featured in the commercials. Fascinating conversations are contained inside.

High School Dance Music - Zander747 tests NMD's knowledge of pop culture with his request for a DJ setlist to play at a high school dance.

Best record store where you live - thill has done NMD a great service with this records store resource. There is already a wealth of information for any traveling DJ/collector, but we're missing a bunch of cities and need your input.

Metal Thread: Power Metal Edition - NMD's metal megathread is brought to us by Stormtrooper and in less than two months it's swelled to 22 pages of bands I've never heard of.

Your Band's Myspace - Someone told me that MySpace was created to assist people in finding new music. frahasio is trying to recreate that dream.

THE RETURN OF THE ML MASSACRE and fuck you - TheVole brings back the ML Massacre for a third round and wow did things fall apart after twenty pages. Read up on this one and prepare for round four.

[North America] Arcade Fire - The Arcade Fire is on tour and marquis27 has all the dates. Let the rest of NMD know that you have good taste in music, or bitch about them not playing Texas.

Batman's Secret Shame - Comic books are about men running around in spandex. So is my autobiography. Muscles Like This likes forums like this.

The First Annual Bessie - Forum mod CapnAndy decided that BSS needs to get into the awards game. Hey, we actually got a winner to post an acceptance! It wasn't Grant Morrison though.

Funny Panel Thread: The Absolute Edition - Another in the long line of Funny Panel threads, this one has Superboy being turned into a girl. Why? Because comics used to be fucking wacky, thats why.

Let's Ruin the Moment Some More - Another in our line of long running threads where comics are photoshopped to fit our own sick, twisted needs. Latest developments involve much mocking of recent Marvel events.

Hey BSS, post yo picture. - Ever wonder what a Something Awful comic book reader looks like? Well wonder no longer! We are all just a bunch of nerds! NEEEEEERDS!

SA-Mart. For the best deals on, er, things, some smart. Shop SA-Mart. Shop with bEatmstrJ. Maybe he will buy you some vowels and capital letters.

US Income Tax Services - Sweet income raping batman! Its tax time, so do your taxes! And enjoy a nice discount for having them personally prepared.

Custom professionally screen printed shirts - Custom "Insert clever catch phrase here" shirts for sale! No minimums! Fancy.

SA Goon specials-Big John's Beef Jerky - Everyone loves Big John's Beef Jerky! You will too. Everyone will also be jumping off a bridge.

$5+ portraits, original art, and more: - Turn your nice quality photos into low detail artwork on the cheap. Guaranteed sex from your significant other.
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