The SA-Mart is filled with goons looking to buy and sell things of all shapes and sizes. The next time you hear someone say the SA forums are filled with ruthless vagabonds, you can tell them it's technically true! bEatmstrJ is vagabond royalty.

Spring Cleaning- PS/2/XBX/GBA/PC/ Figures/Anime/Movies/Manga/Other things - All kinds of games, movies and figurines. Fun for the whole family.

Airsoft Guns: Stock Up for the Zombie Invasion (From $5.00 & Up + Discount)
- Curb your manly aggressions by shooting people without actually killing them.

Men's Korean Fashion: t-shirts, dress shirts, hoodies and more
- Fancy Koreanish apparel. Why shop in Korea, when Korea will come to you?

Buy a t-shirt! Fight poverty!
- Its simple. You buy a shirt, you look better AND you feel better for doing it. *Results not typical.

General Bullshit (as presented by my main man SpecialOlympian) is our delightfully general forum with as many interesting facets as wadded-up chunks of Chinese newspapers.

When I wake up early in the...OH GOD (REDUX) - "Grandpa UsedThrone, how did you meet grandma?" "Well chilluns, grab yourself a handful of Worther's Originals because it's quite a story, isn't that right grandma? It all started one night when I heard a beautiful voice shout, "FUCK ME IN THE BUTT REAL GOOD"...."

That time we were attacked by cokeheads when we went to go get burritos. - Stormin' "Spiny Norman" Schwarztkopf almost gets in a fight while dealing with Australian chavs. But you know a guy who writes this well probably isn't suited for fisticuffs.

What the hell is Hillary looking at!? - Varchar is like the lucky camera man who captured the famous Dean Scream. Awesome effort all around, there's gold on every page. Clean image of Hilary's head on page 2 for photoshoppers.

My dad spent $7,000 USD on Fly For Fun - digeraticular's father has ruined his business and family because of a Korean MMORPG that's free to download and has no monthly cost. For a detailed explanation of Fly For Fun, go to page 8 and read Space Crab's post.

Update on page 1
Page 3 Disturbing Paypal receipts
Page 8 Vicious Aloysius shows us Flyff in action
Page 9 OP confronts dad
Page 11 Space crabs shares a FlyFF marriage
Page 13 First post, Digeraticular gives out his dad's screen names

Debate and Discussion (as presented by the straight-up hustler Yiggy) is where the learned folk of the forums gather to debate each other, analyze politics, discuss science and religion, and call each other names.

Better Know Your '08 Presidential Candidates, pt6 - The Undercard - Part 6 of Guy Le Douche's Get to Know Your Candidates series.

Why don't scientists use a different word instead of "theory?" - Is the onus on scientists to be more PR friendly in their explanations and terms, or is someone dropping the ball on actually teaching/learning the actual science?

The story of Jesus as recycled Mithraism? - Myths surrounded by myths. Whats at the bottom of tales about Jesus as Mithras? Differing claims arise on both sides of the aisle as we try to clarify the issue.

Exiled Russian multimillionare declares Putin a marked man, bankrolls coup - A rich Russian announces his public vendetta against Vladimir Putin and sparks up more talk of intrigue surrounding Russia's government. Did this man sign his own death warrant?

The Hydrogen Hoax - Is hydrogen as alternative fuel source just a bunch of hot air? What other alternatives may show promise?

Maryland leads charge to 'drop out' of the Electoral College! - Maryland announces they're ready to leave that old constitutional barb by the wayside, as long as everyone else is cool too of course.

Tell me some arguments in favor of continuing private healthcare in the US - Health care is a topic of conversation increasingly more these days, so whats solution and whats quackery?

Why We Banned Legos - Exploring power, ownership, and equity - One classroom's legotown has sparked a conversation on social structure and collectivist vs. privatized systems.

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