Where does a spoiler go on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee? How do I turn my car into one of those old-timey kinds with the crank in front? What exactly does the metal part of the car do? Automotive Insanity and Das Volk are here to show us whether or not we can actually put tank treads on your mom's Ford Aerostar.

Nürburgring Report. - pkx tells us his tale of traveling to the automotive Mecca, the Nürburgring in Germany. Known as "The Ring" and "The Green Hell," most car enthusiasts would argue that this is the most challenging piece of road on the planet.

RUF CTR3 Released - Our own Schuepbach tells us of the latest ungodly monster the tuning company RUF, for whom he works, has created.

Restoring der Porsche: Homestretch Edition - Bruinator has been restoring an old 911T for some time now, and his work has finally begun to pay off.

Detailing a million dollar car - This lucky bloke has the fortune of caressing the lines of the current world's fastest production road car. You kill a lot of mosquitoes at 253 MPH.

The Bike Gear Thread - Wilsons leathers need not apply. - There are a lot of motorcyclists in AI, and if you like having skin covering your muscles and nerve endings, you should read this thread.

Once you've mastered the art of making your pets not die, you may want to move onto more advanced techniques such as making them not crap all over the place. The pet freaks in Pet Island are always around to help with that kind of unattainable voodoo. Po' it up, light_urple.

Let's draw our pet's strange sleeping positions! - Jayne starts a cute thread full of silly pictures and sleeping arrangements.

How to make my sick puppy eat and drink - Ylide's puppy, Hugo, wasn't feeling very well. A veterinarian realized the little guy had parvo, a virus that can kill puppies and dogs. The little guy seems to have fought it off, but he still needs to get home a recover. Hugo is just a baby so he couldn't be vaccinated yet, but you should make sure your own dogs are up to date on their vaccinations!

God gets me back for my Mid febuary mexico trip...(Kittens) - Avengere73's cat just had a surprise litter of kittens. Kittens are SO CUTE and the ones pictured in this thread are no exception, but there are just too many cats in this world. Please spay and neuter your pets!

Parents declawing kitty - Anyone who has read PI knows that declawing is a touchy subject. Here's the general opinion: if declawing is the only thing that will keep your cat in your home, fine (the last thing we want are more cats in shelters). Before it gets to that point, please consider other options like Soft Paws or a nice scratching post.

What, another Siberian?!? (Canoli & Alexi) - Two has ANOTHER beautiful Siberian Cat. Meet Canoli!

Unexpected pet fish! - Some people are assholes (like people who purposely abandon their fish in stores), and then some people are genuinely good (like Ophidia Snaketongue). How many people do you know who will adopt an unwanted fish and treat it like royalty?

Science, Philosophy & Education is where the smarty-farty-bo-barty cool kids like to post and think that they're so smart. Well, I've got news for them: They're not! Booya! QuantumCat's been kickin' it in there and holding it up for us.

Homosexuality and Evolution - A discussion about the origin of homosexuality in humans : is there such a thing as a 'gay gene'?

Can we talk about Evolution and Creationism? - JohnCarter is about to have a debate about Evolution with some creationnists. Help him get his facts straight!

BYOB is all about posting in an blue forum and being buds with everyone. It's basically the Brady Bunch except everyone is Peter Brady and greasy. Planimal shows us what's happening:

UNOFFICIAL Shark Week 07 Ban Count Thread - …and as we come to the end of Shark Week, we take a look back at all the retards we're better off without.

hey byob, should i sleep with a police officer - Officer Caldwell nodded. "Little lady," he said, "You just found yourself in a heap of trouble." My loins shivered, anticipating the cold steel of his handcuffs against the smooth skin of my wrists. I wanted him, and I was willing to do or say anything to get this potbellied officer of my heart inside me. "Well, you fucking pig," I said. "Maybe you can show me the round hole of the donut." "Only too happy to oblige, ma'am," he said. I lifted my legs, arching my back and rubbing

ed edd n eddy roleplay megathread - MOTHERFUCKING JAWBREAKERS BITCH.

draw on mah paper - Some dude holds up a piece of paper in front of mouth and people draw goofy shit on it. A surprisingly small number of MSPainted dicks involved, something most people will appreciate, I mean, unless you're into that sort of thing.

what if you went to a goonmeet and someone had the same pirate costume as you? I don't exactly what I would do, but you can bet it'd involve a lot of lube.

Post lots of pornographic images ITT (NSFW) - BYOB is trying to see how long they can go without jerkin' their gherkins and some people are claiming they can go for three months without having to masturbate. These people are lying.

BYOB Oekaki (fun paint chat forum thingie) - Some kind of crazy art program, but you need a good computer to access it because it takes fucking forever to load, also it melted my hard-drive.

I wanna tell her that I love her... - If you ever wanted to see a dinosaur lust after a human woman who is fucking a unicorn, this is your chance.


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