If you've got a sliver of a creative bone in your body, you just might enjoy the company in Creative Convention. There are all kinds of dudes in there who draw, paint, write, and I think there was at least one pottery person at some point. Yeah, I know! Who does pottery anymore?! Peace up, A-town down, same.

Four cartoons I submitted to the New Yorker - Look at me, I have a chair, King of da castle, King of da castle.

Need feedback on a (beer) logo - Anything having to do with a new brewery should be called out.

April Photo-a-Day thread - There is one pic in here of a drummer chick with blood all over her face. Typical day on SA.

No Music Discussion. Don't discuss music here, ever, for any reason. If you attempt to discuss music, you are subject to the fury of thousands of angry nerd fingers lashing their keyboards at lightning speed to disagree with you. DON'T DO IT, I BEG OF YOU!! But first, pour a 40 for Sir Tonk.

Another Free ("goon made") EP: Bear on Bear - Prozane's group, Bear On Bear, is the most recent recipient of Dr. Thorpe's musical endorsement. It worked for New Minority (then they broke), so be on the lookout for this group.

What are the WORST band names ever? - Dillinger's work is entirely too easy considering the current state of bands with names that are complete sentences.

Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero Part III (Get touched by The Presence) - OMG OMG OMG it's almost out! Holy shit, Sporadic says that I can listen to the whole thing online! I love you Trent!

Your favorite rapper and why? - ZAYZAY brings a little PYF to NMD.

Can YOU Explain How Akon is Popular? - ThaNinjaMonkey starts a debate that quickly leads to everything from roller-skating jams to assuming that everyone else has bad taste in music.

Brrrrreakcore - neka knows quite a bit about Breakcore and even included a quote from Wikipedia. A well-crafted opening post leads to an informative thread.

Music that you've just recently discovered - Yodzilla has learned to face his fear of new music. Share your own stories of bands you should've been listening to all along.

The Indie Rock Mega Thread/Band Archive - Avalanche brings us the thread for the most mis-labled genre in the past decade. Just because the newer groups are on major labels doesn't make the music evil, does it?

[Seattle] April Concert List - Professor Murda must live in Seattle, or really wants to live in Seattle. If you live in Seattle and like live shows, this is your thread.

I play ___, I'm located ___, and I'm looking for a ___ to jam with. - QuantumMechanic is one of eighty-million guitar players in California that can't find a drummer. ML immediately runs with the musician meet-up thread idea.

The Crackhead Clubhouse is the only part of our site that has actually burned down. brb buddy put his purple drank down to type something for us:

I'm a newbie. Give me some tips and tricks! - Finally, the newbies of TCC have a place to find out how to hit a joint correctly. Seriously though, this thread has proven to be like a smaller "quick questions" thread for simply marijuana smoking.

Vaped weed into isohash, step by step - One man's waste is another man's treasure, they say. Check out this awesome way to recycle your weed into a smokeable hash substance!

A deliberate overdose: My Experiences with 2400mg Dextromethorphan - You're either crazy, bored or just very curious to intentionally overdose yourself with a dissociative. Yet, KissMyButtAmerica seems to be highly interested in it. Obviously, please don't try this at home...

The TCC Bookshelf - If you're the 1 out of 4 stoners who can still read, this thread's for you. Check out the lovely pictures in these books and also learn a little about the chemicals you so happily ingest!

TCC Wallpapers - Ooohh pretty colors!

The Wonderful World of Kratom - Ah, Kratom. Nature's speedball. Here's a thread dedicated to it!

Easy guide to using millet - A simple and work-free way to grow lots of psilocybe mushrooms ("magic" mushrooms). I wish my local pizza place had this one, I'd be getting their mushroom pizza every week!

Lets talk about EEEEE!!!!! - Seriously, the club/rave scene is intolerable without this little amphetamine-based chemical. It makes you happy, 'nuff said. Here's the official TCC thread for everyone's favorite club drug.

"Flank the perimeter! We have bogeys heading in through the back! Go, go, go!! They're trying to get into the garage!!" The Firing Range is our gun forum, and here's a fact: It's the only forum in which a majority of the regulars believe World War 3 will both begin and end on their property. Miso Beno took a break from building a radar dish to give us this roundup.

Girlfriends and guns. - Blowupologist has the world's biggest "MY GIRLFRIEND" thread in TFR History.

Marstar Now stocking semi-auto versions of the MP-38, Stg44, and MP-3008 - HLP reports that Canada is producing Nazi guns that Americans can't get, but can sure drool over.

The Kukri/Khukri/Khukuri Megathread - Sailorjosh starts a thread centered around TFR's collective Nepalese knife fetish.

Crazy Dad Lets 3 Year old Girl Hold Guns - Wldmn13 is a fine example of what ever father needs to do with his daughter at the age of 3.

Brady Campaign anti-gun coloring book - TapTheFowardAssist is a fine example of Faith in action to end gun violence.

What is the Brady Bunch trying to accomplish with these? - Double Tap reminds us that US Citizens can use DEADLY FORCE in Florida.

TFR Literary Picks - KOTJ started a thread two weeks ago filled with required TFR Reading material, and the list has finally come to fruition with Library of Zombie Survival, War Stories, and Survivalist Manuals for your literary pleasure.

Having Lunch with Ron Paul at 1:15 Central - Intravenious has lunch with United States Congressman, Ron Paul, and posts a report about his feelings towards this staunch constitutionalist and pro gun activist.

Revolver Circlejerk Megathread - SirAzrael rallies the arcane cylinder based lead ball accelerator owners of the internet in a single TFR post.

That's just a taste of some of the best threads on the SA Forums over the past week. If you found some interesting reading material, great! If not, go back to being illiterate you no-good, vittle-eating, country puke!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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