Batman's Shameful Secret is our forum all about comic books and "graphic novels" (which is just a fancy way of saying "comic books for people who think they're smart"). What up with it, muscles like this?

Welcome to BSS of Future Pasts, Hermanos. ITT Everybody's BANNED! - There's a new sherrif in BSS and his name is hermanos! BSS gets a new mod. Note: hermanos means brother in espanol.

51...50...49... The Countdown (and therefore entire current DCU) Thread - The final countdown! dun dun dun dun dun dun! DC has a new weekly series starting next week and all signs are pointing to mediocre. Check out the first post in the thread for the first 10 pages of issue 51. See, because the series is called "Countdown" the first issue is 51 and the numbering goes backwards from it.

Tell me what I need to know to read Infinite Crisis - Answer? Don't.

I don't get Superman - Eh, whats to get? Super strong, flies around, is jerk to poor Jimmy Olsen. Oh wait, that was Silver Age Superman! faker has a problem understanding the moral motivations for Earth's mightiest hero, BSS comes to the rescue!

Science, Philosophy & Education is where the smarty-farty-bo-barty cool kids like to post and think that they're so smart. Well, I've got news for them: They're not! Booya! QuantumCat's been kickin' it in there and holding it up for us.

When do you become a 'mathematician'? - SPE's math goons debate on what it takes to earn the title of 'Mathematician'.

Best math textbooks? - Find out which math textbook is the best for you!

Let's talk Wittgenstein - It's time for some philosophy, with Euphoria 5L's interesting introduction to the works and ideas of Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

General Bullshit (as presented by my main man SpecialOlympian) is our delightfully general forum with as many interesting facets as wadded-up chunks of Chinese newspapers.

Oh, Jesus Christ!!! - SadWhaleFamily received an enchanted prayer rug imbued with the power of Jesus and the Gospel of Wealth. Yes, simply fill out form on the back and God will take your order.

The Ghanian government will not stop calling me. - Ferretball is having regrets about passing up on his opportunity to be the Last King of Scotland and contracting HIV. But before he passes away, he wants to share the wisdom he acquired after sleeping with 38 Muslim girls. 1 in the U.S., 2 in Africa, and the rest are hookups. This is the scientific criteria we will be using. Now let us discuss vaginal funk, gentlemen.

It's a cat with really big ears, we swear. Disney who? - On behalf of the People's Republic of China, Three Olives would like to introduce you to the legally distinct and completely original cast of Dosneyland. Page 3 Bonus: Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarves

MSPaint awkward bathroom situations - speiseh's thread title is not titular but a direct command. MSPaint your awkward bathroom situations now. If you have none, go outside and LIVE.

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