Quit playing Games with my heart, but by all means, my Nintendo would love it! Mr. Onslaught in the house.

XBLA Settlers of Catan: "I've got wood for sheep" - Why go to the trouble of initiating human contact to play a board game when you can play online instead?

MUGEN: Goku vs Superman vs A giant sea monster - Broken hit boxes? Unbalanced characters? Infinite combos?

Sam & Max: Season 1 - PC gaming may be dead, but adventure games sure aren't! Oh, they are? Well this is still cool anyway.

Lets Play Super Demo World: The Legend Continues (Mario World Romhack) - Indulge in schadenfreude as Mario tries to navigate through some ball bustingly hard edited levels.

Games that you got as gifts that were really terrible - Thanks Grandma, I will cherish this copy of "Deer Hunting vol. 2" forever.

Post Your Favorite exists because we needed a place for people to post their opinions about every little thing. Well, I think it's just great! What's crackin', Zero Star?

Post the worst/funniest crimes you have ever committed!! - What? You mean that goons aren't the innocent, blameless, holier-than-thou paragons of virtue that I always had them cracked up to be? Well, blow me down!

Post your favorite peices of art 'n shit - Hey, we goons may be criminals, but at least we know first-rate art when we see it.

Tell me what books you're reading at the moment... - And not only do we appreciate fine art, but most of us like to relax with a good book too.

PYF fetish... that doesn't yet exist. - There's a theory that no matter how innocent and unsexual something is, someone on the internet is beating off to it.

PYF discontinued television shows - I had no idea Arrested Development was so popular among the goon fraternity.

What websites do you hit every day? - There are OTHER SITES? On the INTERNET? Not possible!

"Give me anime or give me death!" -Nobody has ever said this or will ever say this. Except maybe for the hypernerds that hang out in the Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse. Nate RFB is the anime pope.

Official Unoffical Claymore Appreciation Thread [56k loses an arm] - NegativeZero attempts to explain to us why this anime is worth watching, and isn't just Berserk with girls.

Darker Than Black - wtf fingersnap where the hell is my slice of life anime - it is a mystery, but with lots of crazy super powers and pretty animation.

Sisters of Wellber: Production I.G. lets their hair down - Runaway princesses, gunswords, and triple barrel pistols? Fuck it, let's throw in a talking tank too.

Nagasarete Airantou - A lone man stranded on on an island of women. - That pretty much sums it up. This is actually terrible, but that's why it's worth watching.

The SA-Mart is filled with goons looking to buy and sell things of all shapes and sizes. The next time you hear someone say the SA forums are filled with ruthless vagabonds, you can tell them it's technically true! bEatmstrJ is vagabond royalty.

Nike, Supreme, Vans, Bape, Clientele, A NY Thing, Nudies - This guy practically has an entire clothing store on SA-Mart. I hope he's paying his taxes!

More Miracle Tablets from Japan: Multiple boxes OK! - I don't what these things are, but apparently a lot of people want them. You should too?

A bunch of old school high end car audio (subs, amps, speakers) - Get your bump on with some crazy car audio craziness!

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