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If you've gotten as far as to read Internet articles about Internet forums (as you apparently have) but you're still not killing yourself by eating dishes of incredible unhealthiness devised by fellow Internet people, well I just don't know what to do with you.

How do you make your coffee?
- People droppin gs in dis thread. Coffee is too expensive a habit, I think.

How to tell if meat is bad?
- If I keep my meat(s)(eats)(sssss) in a ziplock full of milk in the back tank of the toilet for several weeks and then serve it like sashimi will I die? I ask because I really am not sure.

Atlanta Dining Thread
- Whoooooooweee! We's a havin chicken fried possum to-night! No but seriously I guess they have good food in Atlanta.

Healthy Eating on the Cheap?
- "Soy's contains phytoestrogens. I don't have to prove that. It's common knowledge.
Soy, phytoestrogen & thyroid problems: source. Yes, there are reference links to the studies if you look for them.
Phytoestrogens & Fertility: source, source
Excess estrogen inhibits the ability of testosterone to stimulate cell receptors, which logically would inhibit testosterone's effects, like sex drive, muscle production, etc.

Wikipedia is full of shit, too, sir. Wikipedia, as a flaw in its construction, construes reality as the general consensus. That doesn't make it fact. This is that independent thinking thing I was talking about. Wikipedia doesn't have it. For example, Codex Alimentarius.

Doesn't sound so bad, huh? Wikipedia spun that one right up. Now go on Google Video and find "Nutricide." That film details all of the ways in which we will be malnourished into complacency. There are only a handful of vitamins that will remain legal after this goes into effect 12/31/09. Of which, one is fluoride. Our vitamins will be reclassified as toxins, subject to toxicology reports. Take the minimum dose required to achieve effect and then divide by 100 to get the max safe dose. We will have 2mg Ginseng caps, worthless. Also, the codex re-implements the use of DDT, BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE, and other nasty chemicals for use in agriculture. I feel fucking awful for the children out there. Now's a terrible time to grow up.

I could go on, but I don't really feel like proving this to you guys. I could go on to eventually connect all of this to the Zionists, the rest of the power elite and the formation of the NWO, but I won't. What would I get out of it? Scrutiny? Fuck it. Call me a tinfoil hat. If you want to believe that God's got your back and that the world is a rosy fairytale, that's fine by me. I'll carry-on with viewing the ugly world for what it is while striving to compete in it. Who's coming out on top? Hope you're ready for a huge NWO meatcock."


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Reppin': rubber cat

WisCon, the Feminist Sci-Fi Convention: A journey of self-hate - Zathlazip journeys into the wide world of fat female fantasy fans and lives to tell the tale.

Wikiquotegroaning - Contrabassoon discovers one of the biggest wikigroans of all time

libertarian party debate at 9 ET on cspan - Seven candidates compete to become mayor of Rapture.

if you're not voting for mccain, you don't belong in lf - Spacemoose wants everyone out of the forum because he needs somewhere to put his foosball table

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