~*~ Post Your Favorite ~*~
Reppin': Zero Star
Post the number of days it's been since the last time you got rugburn. Post what you think your cat has named you inside that cute little brain of his. Post your favorite Ghostbuster. Post your favorite picture of your mom dressed like a racial stereotype while holding a dog up by its hind legs.

Hit Ctrl+V and then explain why you copied it in the first place. - It's amazing what you'll find on your clipboard nowadays.

Post your favorite goon picture. Volume II (GOONS ARE STILL GROSS) - Come for the freaky goon pictures, stay to watch the honeypot.

Post your favorite movie from the year you were born - I never knew how many shitty movies were released in 1985.

Post your favorite exclamation!!! - Holy calamity, what a great thread this is!

~*~ The Goon Doctor ~*~
I got this gnarly gash on my leg and it's throbbing and now my head is all swollen up and I look like the redhead dude from that movie Mask. Should I seek medical attention?

Pain on right side of stomach - MechanicalUnderwear is suffering pain in the area of the appendix, but she already had the damn thing removed several years ago! Much like a chemistry textbook, she may need to check for Appendix B.

I got bitten by a really big spider. What should I do? - beeaar should probably prepare himself for a crime-fighting career. The spiderbite may not grant him any superpowers, but villains will flee in terror at the sight of a swollen ball of pus in a mask and cape.

So I got these warts frozen...now what? - I don't know what ackattack was expecting after this procedure, but the contents of his freezer probably aren't that appetizing.

Why do I smell ammonia in my breath and sweat? - Bummersault may be hazardous to your health, and despite what he tells you, you can't have him if you're under eighteen.

Dear god, can hemorrhoids hurt THIS badly?! - Alloyed seems to be suffering from a particularly rough bout of those nasty butt sores, but I still think it's purely a coincidence that he lists one of his interests as "Video games."

~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': light_urple
Are you a pet fan? A fan of pets? Do you kiss your pets more than you kiss people? Have you ever given a cat CPR? Do you sometimes wish you could have pot-bellied pig babies? You disgust me.

Designer Cat - The only thing better than a designer mutt dog that sheds and is impossible to housebreak is a 30 pound wildcat you can buy for a cool $22K*.
*Delivery is an additional $1500.

Cats are Jerks - Hillridge's cat got himself stuck in the AM radio antenna of the stereo. Check the thread for a picture of the aftermath and other cats making messes. Yep, cats suck sometimes.

Help convince my landlord that Apollo is not an "aggressive" breed - This avidal thread is full of helpful hints to convice your pesky landlord that your man-eater is really man's best friend. (it also introduces a new pet island superstar: Apollo!)

What's it like to work at an animal hospital/clinic? Jayded started this interesting Ask/Tell style thread about working in a vet clinic.

~*~The Official Pet Island Feel Good Thread of the Week~*~

Timmy returns home - This thread by Tuna Sandwich is pretty short, but the story in the OP is awesome.

~*~ Goons With Spoons ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Wiggles
If you've gotten as far as to read Internet articles about Internet forums (as you apparently have) but you're still not killing yourself by eating dishes of incredible unhealthiness devised by fellow Internet people, well I just don't know what to do with you.

ICSA XX: Minimalism - The update begins this week with the thread for this month's contest of culinary capacity. Could you cook an entire meal with only 12 ingredients?

The Food Network Discussion Thread - Do you hate everything the Food Network stands for? Or do you have some inexplicable crush on Bobby Flay? Either way, come to this thread to talk about it.

How do YOU eat your tuna fish? - This stuff is more than just an expensive cat food or sneaky terrorist plot to kill all of the dolphins.

Egg Recipes - Do you have the misfotune (luck) of having 3 dozen farm fresh, local, organic eggs at your disposal every week? If you do, then you may find recipes to use these wonders of the kitchen in this very thread.

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