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Reppin': bulbous nub

Canadian? Bought a 1/2/3rd Gen iPod? You may be legible for a $45 rebate! - This thread comes back from the depths of May, but actually has a link on how to claim for money.

Recommend how you would set up a A/V system with these components - For this week's "tell me how to set up my set up" thread, choo choo wants your help.

The HTPC Front End Thread - If you're looking to set up an HTPC, this should be one of your first stops.

~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': Skutter

This cat moved into my house and won't leave- tse1618 adopts a stray covered in fleas. Hey, at least it's cute, right?

Baby chameleon doesn't like me, but boy does he like crickets! (youtube/questions)- Meet Waldo, a baby veiled chameleon that loves to eat worms. His YouTube videos are awesome.

Pulled a local add (designer dogs ITT)- You can get weird crosses for cheaper at the shelter than buying those shitty designer hybrid dogs like Chipoos, Puggles and Labradoodles.

I adopted a Pit Bull. What should I know?- First things first: get the ears cropped short so that the other dogs can't grab them (but not too short because their ear drums could get damaged from the bites); get a large, thick stick to beat it with; steal some pets for decent bait dogs; and of course, find some other low-life assholes to fight dogs with. You'll also need a gun to put down the losers.

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