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Reppin': concerned mom

2008 - A Whole Year of Anime....A Halfway Retrospect - 'Kubaka Gaijin' risks his family's honour in this momentous task. 'She knows I can do it, but will I be able to power through?' Believe in yourself, consult the I-Ching and let's get Animéted!

here's pictures of my trip (56k come on in! ;] ) - On his whistle-stop inspection of terrorist training camps forums' holy martyr and all-round kewl dude 'Hardcore Sax' takes some fantastic shots in some of the world's most jet-settiest places.

THIS THREAD CONTAINS NO LESS THAN 30 VAGINAS (NWS NWS NWS NWS NWS NWS NWS) - It went gold don't blame me. Obviously very not work safe. Thanks regular caller 'Charles Johnson'.

Complimentposting - Welcome to Complimentposting. Now entering feel-good territory. Your guide for this evening is 'Dreadneck'. For one night only if your mom calls you can tell her life's good.

more free screennames click this thread fior names that are free for you to - On the look-out for a new username? Tempted by great brands at fantastic prices? Head on down to 'anthony michael lol's house of usernames; 123 GBS street.

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Reppin': Elbonio

Tell me about lasery eye surgery. Ever fancied someone detaching your retina with focused light? Laser(y?) eye surgery might be the adrenaline rush you've been looking for. You crazy kids and your cheap thrills.

Teenage rebellion at it's best : tell me how to hide a job from my parents. esteban POW just wants to pay his way but mummy won't let him. Now he's grown up he probably wants to be a gigolo, the cheeky little scamp.

Ask me about being face-blind (prosopagnosia). OP can't recognise people's faces. She can never get a job at passport control now

Tell me about having genital herpes. This weeks bonus STD thread, enjoy it as much as Clypeus is enjoying his herpes.

Tell me about walking long distances. You take the high road, I won't take the low road and I'll probably just stay at home. Maybe I'll go get a cheeseburger. Maybe.

Building a Chicken Coop. I bring to you, pictures of chickens.

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