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Reppin': SpecialOlympian

Hungarian Weighlifting Horror! - This thread sure is going places, hope nobody's done Oswald getting shot or the Vietnamese guy with the gun to his head or the Cambodian children running from napalm or the girl screaming over the fallen protester.

My wife bought the best teapot ever - +

Come see my cheating whore ex-girlfriend! - Hey, everyone! Look at my ugly cheating girlfriend who I can't get over.

Lets Make Porn Work Safe It's not a dude but Brick Hardmeet worked hard for hours on it.

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Reppin': concerned mom

Santa Claus is the ultimate own - Its Christmas! Or your birthday! 'Meursault Horny' gives you a splendid gift only to punch you in the head as you unwrap it.

Obama said knock you out - Life-coach and part-time band manager 'zuus best friend' calls up all his road dogs for one last tour to paint the mother fucking white house black.

if this thread goes gold the OP will be banished from BYOB - Its the weekly drama thread. In this week's episode our budding hero [you] reads about forums villain 'purdyaw' and his/her/its crimes against humanity. What is the charge? Being shit as hell. The verdict? Guilty. The sentence? Being outcast from a pathetic cubbyhole on the internet.

i bought a windows brand webcam and the software included had a photobooth - 'Detective Tiptoes' discovers the wonders of modern cinematography. Fleshights! Camera! Action! I think I'm getting better at these jokes please email if you think so.

somebody photoshop jizz onto this picture - 'martyFREEDOM' makes a simple, yet unnerving request. 'Ebbe Joep' cums up with a unique contribution. (seriously these jokes aren't too bad). Ignore the last page.

i heard they were gonna roast bernie mac - I had to look up what 'roast' meant in this context but rest-assured, 'tres dessert' is ahead of the game when it comes to making jokes about dead people.

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