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Reppin': Mr. Onslaught
It's Halloween theme time for this week's slate of threads, so to get in the mood I've been cosplaying as Cloud Squall from the epic masterpiece "Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within."

A.I Cheating: A case study with Puzzle Quest - Puzzle games have a rich history of cheating, starting with the deliberate denial of the long skinny piece in Tetris.

Designer Nintendo swag now available - A $200 dollar Bowser jacket...what an age we live in!

The trash talk thread: You're gay and so is your mom. - One time I heard a girl on Xbox Live say that she was having the stairs in her house repaired...possible SA reference???

Let's Play Super Mario Sunshine! - What better way to get ready for Super Mario Galaxy than watch someone play through Sunshine? You know you didn't play it, so catch up on all the vital plot details that you missed out on.

What's the fastest you ever realized a game is shit - How long did it take to get to the first fighting sequence in the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo?

~*~ Batman's Shameful Secret ~*~
Reppin': muscles like this?
"Urrrrsulllaaa!!" Was there ever a comic book where some guy died and screamed out "Ursullaaaa!"? Because if so maybe he was calling out someone's name or maybe he was just dying really bad.
(Ursula is a terrible name is what I'm trying to say.)

Secret Invasion: The Infiltration Marvel has secretly replaced certain superheroes with Skrull imposters. Let's see if you notice.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier Alan Moore's excellent series returns with a new volume finally coming out this week. Not taking the place of a volume 3, this instead tells various tales of League's throughout the ages.

WGA Strike Thread, featuring Brian K. Vaughan How does the TV writer's strike effect comic books? Let's see what comic author/TV writer BKV says! Basically TV writers who also write for comics can still do so. This means we might actually get some more Young Avengers by the guy who actually created them!

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Thanks SombreroAgnew

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