Sweet Princess - : - (

Lowtax - But my arm is healed

Sweet Princess - What happened?

Lowtax - And I have no more glass in the head

Sweet Princess - You had glass in your head?

Lowtax - No, there were very many other things inside my head besides the glass

Lowtax - But the doctors quickly reacted and helped me out.

Sweet Princess - Well that;s surely good! : - )

Lowtax - I know!!! okay I am at your site now. Oh these women are very naked.

Sweet Princess - We have the hottest talent in amateur erotica. The page I sent you is a free sample.

Lowtax - OH GOD NO

Lowtax - NO

Lowtax - NOT FREE SAMPLE!!!!!

Sweet Princess - What???

Lowtax - Free Sample is the enemy robot who we lost competitian too last year. He was a filthy cheater! he attacked with unlegal weapons!

Sweet Princess - Free sample?

Lowtax - Yes, he was part of Team Barry, the notorous cheaters of the Robot Competitian League! We fought them in the finale competitian. We wouldve taken home the grande prize of 15000 Dubloons, but Team Barny did cheat and stolen it away!

Sweet Princess - Wait, their robot was named Free Sample? : -

Lowtax - We battled Team Bury in the championships on Englandish tele, and it was broadcast to thousands.

Lowtax - hey, are these lesbians on your website???

Sweet Princess - Yes, we have a special section devoted to hot girl on girls action. : - )

Lowtax - ooh it says I need a credit card. I thought you said this was free!

Lowtax - WAS THIS A LIE???

Sweet Princess - Exlusive membership needs a credit card. You get gigs of the hottest entertainment each month delivered in your email!

Lowtax - I dont have email, Team Barry won my email in the competitian.

Lowtax - Team Barry attacked with an underhanded attack. they used hydrolics when hydrolics were not legal!

Lowtax - we countered by throwing medical waste at them while Free Sample fought our robot but it was too much too soon and we soon fell.

Sweet Princess - Do you have a credit card?

Lowtax - In defeat, Team Barry took my email and my credit card.

Lowtax - Now I had to flee England and live in Amamrica. I brought my family shame. Now it is just me and my robot, Weasel Wheelie. I am rebiulding to make him better than ever to compete on shameless Amamrican tele show. "Battlebots" or "Robotica" or "Botanica" or "Boat Mole" or whatever, I dont remember name of the show.

Sweet Princess - So you don't have a credit card?

Lowtax - Team Barry stole my credit card and league titel and pride. And my life. I lost evrything to Team Berry.

Sweet Princess - What's your email?

Lowtax - DO YOU NOT LISTEN??? I dont have any email now!!! Team Borry took it all away and now I live in a bottle with Weasel Wheelie and thats all. I have no email!!!

Sweet Princess - What's your phone number?

Lowtax - I have no numbers, I am poor immigrant. I dont speak English good. I have failed robot. My family is gone.

Lowtax - Weasel Wheelie and I live alone.

Lowtax - I have nothing but Weasel Wheelie.

Lowtax - And now I have free lesbians on my desktop.

Lowtax - Hello where did you go, Sweep Princess?


Lowtax - Oh well, back to England with me.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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