Lowtax - Oh, okay. Well, what stuff would you like to do? Basic thermal-packet deregulation? IMPCTCP rerouting? Seismic tosses? Hard-boot fixes?

PiKe - ya what? ok i don't want to dammage anything i just wan't to get in and look around a bit and maby bug em a little

Lowtax - OK, so you want to do some level three MoFos access stuff? Poking around the hard drive, maybe rename a few files, and look at stuff?

PiKe - ya and get stuff from them too like a ftp or something

Lowtax - Ok, sounds like a level 4 MoFos / Pusherbot access thing. How much experience do you have with client-side C++ dll modules?

PiKe - probably none im going to be a hard one

PiKe - in the meanwile check out my page for a game "starcraft" www.angelfire.com/sc2/planetstarcraft ive programed it all using only html and javascript

Lowtax - Have you ever used any vector based rudimentary Ziggy666 scripts?

Lowtax - Oh, that's great. I wrote a crack for Starcraft that allows you to import the characters from Duke Nukem.

PiKe - cool

Lowtax - I also cracked Duke Nukem to allow people playing Starcraft to join in. Ever download that before?

PiKe - nope i have not got any starcraft cracks only diablo

Lowtax - I wrote a Diablo crack under the name "l33tw4r3zh4X0r" that turns it into Zelda. Have you seen that? If you press every keyboard key at the same time, you also get some credit card numbers.

PiKe - cool nope net herd of it i have bobba fetts hacking prog for it and i have like all the items

Lowtax - My friend helped work on that. Do you know Jeff K.?

PiKe - nope

Lowtax - Hmmm, okay. What were we talking about again? I'm sorry, I'm nuking a couple people in Mexico who were trying to break into my FTP server

PiKe - oh ok i need to know how to get into someones comp and stuff

Lowtax - Oh yeah, sorry. What net connection do you have?

PiKe - 56k

Lowtax - Do you live in Idaho?

PiKe - ya why?

Lowtax - Just running a few diagnostics on your Internet connection. I'm using the hack program I made.

Lowtax - OK, what's your target bitrate conversion factor?

PiKe - so why arn't you on verry oftian?

Lowtax - I cycle through accounts so the FBI can't get me

PiKe - oh ok ok now what was that about targets and stuff

Lowtax - What's the target's TCPIP UIN RAMBUS code?

PiKe - TCPIP UIN RAMBUS code? now what? the ip#?

Lowtax - No, dynamic IPs are worthless unless we're talking about static variables. What allocation host is the target on? A Win Proxy component? Fornication Allocation? What about the flipback switch?

PiKe - what are you talking about rember novic

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