~^~NIN - they just are. i am into stuff like this. so, it does not make me a bad person. it won't hurt to sin, Lowtax. :)

Lowtax - What hurts is when the Eyes of the Lord stare at such lyrics, which promote sinful activities. Jesus is hurt very easily, and we should be our best to act in an appropriate way when he comes around again next month.

~^~NIN - i am innocent

Lowtax - Innocent of what? They lyrics in that song seem to suggest otherwise!

~^~NIN - and to be forgiven we must first believe in sin.

~^~NIN - you make me seem like a bad person.

Lowtax - Listening to such judgemental and fruiticious lyrics are a bad thing and poison your mind, which may cause you to do bad things in the Thighs of Our Lord. As human beings, we are all weak willed and can easily succumb to the Devil. We must be careful, as we walk a thin line!

~^~NIN - so you're saying i am bad?

Lowtax - I do not pass judgement, I do not know you personally.

~^~NIN - ok, what are you saying? those lyrics are bad? so?

Lowtax - The sin of lustful sins of Jesus's fallen brethren could potentially drag you down to the abyss of Hades, where a fiery inferno awaits your budding breasts to consume you. I am simply trying to HELP you by pointing out that the vile lyrics you enjoy could cause you to fall from grace into the disassociative relics of internal mogrification.

~^~NIN - Your God is dead and no one cares. If there is a hell. I'll see you there.

Lowtax - That is an awful thing to tell me! What about Jesus?

~^~NIN - i have fallen from grace a long time ago

Lowtax - It sounds to me as if you need the loving saving hand of our Lord, Jesis Chrust! The error of your ways shall become apparent if you are able to look at it from our Lord's view!

~^~NIN - i am changing subject now. So, how old are you? DO you believe in sin?

Lowtax - I am 23 and have been born again to the ways of our Lard. I was in an awful car accident a year ago, which nearly killed me and my friends! We were thinking about a particularly lusty scene in an R-rated movie, when a tractor trailer hit us dead on! It was at that point I learned I must change my ways, or chance being run over by the tractor trailer of Jesus and God and Saint Peter and Saint Jones and Saint Barnaby!

~^~NIN - ok, so do you sin?

Lowtax - I try my hardest, but I would be lying in facitiousfullingness if I claimed I did not sin! We are all sinners and should all BURN! But, through the miracle of Juses and The Holy Lord, we are saved!

~^~NIN - *nods* ok anyways..

Lowtax - Excellent! I'm glad you agree with me! What church do you attend?

~^~NIN - i dont go to church.

Lowtax - Do you go to the Reptalian First Lutheran Church of Mormonites, or the Chirstian Outcry Fundamental Agnostic Front?

~^~NIN - i dont go to church

Lowtax - Oh, why is that?

~^~NIN - because i don't

Lowtax - Do you have a reason?

~^~NIN - no

~^~NIN - well, yes, i do 1. i don't really want to. Though i do believe in God, etc.. 2. I have no time. I work and go to school. 3. My parents are all busy too.

Lowtax - Do you believe in God and his Ultimate Camasol of Justice? It relates to the "Porridge / Vorhees" Manifesto.

~^~NIN - i dont know. do you party?

Lowtax - I party with my other Church congregation members. We enjoy "breaking it down" often and love to have a blast! "Jesus Twister", "Bible-opoly", and "Saint Mark Stratego" are all games we enjoy.

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