Pete - ok

Pete - what do you see?

Lowtax - There are triangles on the ground outside, they are orage! Do you are knowing what that measn?

Pete - what s the time there?

Lowtax - Midnight

Pete - no...what?

Lowtax - I dont know, but there are orange triangles on the ground and they are moving in circles and

Pete - pick one up

Lowtax - i am not going outside, my house has all the lights off, i dont think they can see me the triangles are light

Pete - what...are they made out off light?

Lowtax - I dont know, i am looking out the front window they are orange triangles on my ground, and they are moving in a circle around the lawn... they are going all around, like they are looking for some-thing. and there is a humming sound coming from somweher

Pete - how big are they?

Lowtax - Size of street signs i think like stopsign

Lowtax - they are moving around my fornt porch now!

Pete - do you have a pet? you better get it inside

Pete - do you have a gun?

Lowtax - YES, King, i forgot about my dog. he was barking outside before, but then i didn't hear any barking and i though he go to sleep. i dont know what is going on

Lowtax - why do i need gun?

Pete - if they attack you

Lowtax - yes, i may need to get that. oh, I am going to open up my door and see if my dog is there

Pete - be careful

Lowtax - OH this is weird. i opened the door and then all the lights were GONE and there is no more buzzing noise and itis quiet outside and dark

Lowtax - i dont know what si going on now

Pete - did you find king?

Pete - are you drunk?

Lowtax - no, no dog, he must have run off to somewheres i guess. but it is so quiet here noew, i can't hear anything.

Lowtax - no, i do not drink

Pete - you should ring the miliary and ask if they are doing any experiments

Lowtax - ok i will call now and ask

Pete - tell me what they say

Lowtax - MY PHONE DOES NOT WORK it worked before!!!

Pete - how come your internet is working?...that is fucking wierd

Lowtax - i dont know, i am on cable line for cable modem.

Pete - i see...if i was you i would make sure your dog is safe

Lowtax - ok, i will go out my door again and look

Pete - tell me when you come back if you found him

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