Well I almost wrote an entire article on a game I never played. I guess you can argue that creating a character, filling out a survey, and listening to the first NPC isn't really playing. Since I don't want to argue over something so stupid, you win! However, I will leave you with a video this time but it is of what I actually was playing, a good MMO. It's not funny so skip it if you are expecting to "spit Mountain Dew all over your keyboard."

There isn't any sound because unlike every other World of Warcraft video, I decided to leave out the shitty rap song and/or Dragonforce garbage. I will try to be a bit less lazy next time (and include a change to the way I do these articles) but I don't really think I would have been all that inclined to try very hard with this game anyway. I am not too worried though since every time I slack off on an article you guys seem to love it more than when I try hard. What the hell guys?

CommunityWouldn't know!
QuestsThey probably suck.
GrindOh Jesus I am sure there is.
FunNot as fun as WotLK
OverallPlay Something Else

I'd like to thank the following people who worked harder on this article than I did: Captain Corduroy, centax, Konstapel, bazke, NapoleonAtWaterloo, Chronomaster, Wandering Knitter, Yaos, Sarta, and Night Gaunt.

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