Can you guess which of the following Star Trek novels are real and which are fake? Remember: there are no wrong answers (if you guess everything correctly!)

A Captain's Choice

Geordi's Hot Date

Who Took Worf's Hot Pockets?

A Shattered Alliance

Happy Hanukkah, Captain Picard

Jesus Christ, Tuvok, Shut Up Already

Dinosaurs On The Enterprise

A Traitor Accused

Elementary, My Dear Emergency Medical Hologram

Captain Picard Switched Bodies With A Dog And Now A Dog Is Captain

Commander Riker: Founding Father???

The Price of Valor


BONUS QUESTION: What the hell is up with this?

ANSWER KEY: The only real Star Trek novel in this list is "Who Took Worf's Hot Pockets?" Thanks for playing!

– Asterios "President Baby" Kokkinos (@asterios)

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