Wisely, the dog and about ten cops set up a video stakeout of the second octagon. Late that night everyone is yawning and about to fall asleep in an adorable cop heap when the cat suddenly jumps into frame. Acting quickly, Wisely runs across the entire museum and then lets the giant mastiff dog into the octagon for some ultimate fighting. The cat and dog exchange blows and then the cat is chased from the museum (through a cartoonish hole in a window) by the dog. The pursuit leads them to a junkyard where a bizarre and epic martial arts battle between the cat and the dog ensues.

In the junkyard the cat executes a series of feints, high flying claw attacks and physically impossible body slams on the unwary dog. This long kung fu battle alternates between borderline animal cruelty and some of the worst claymation I have ever witnessed. The cat succeeds in tricking the dog into running headlong into a power box just as Wisely arrives on the scene. When the cat tries to escape our book lover it makes a misstep and ends up unconscious on the ground. Wisely grabs the cat and slings it into the trunk of a junked car. The cat tries to escape, but Wisely slams its tail shut in the hood.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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