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Posted by smalldogfan [Read other reviews smalldogfan]
(5 Bones)

It is my sad duty to report that Bug is missing and hasn't been seen or heard from in days. If you have any idea where Bug is or have found him, please let us in the BarkWire community know immediately. With the way things are going outside, with all these rival dog gangs and turf wars, it's just not safe for a shy little fella like Bug to be running around.

Please pray for this adorable dog's safe return.
Posted by Reverend Scott [Read other reviews by Reverend Scott]
(5 Bones)

I invite everyone here to join me in praying for Bug's safe return. An innocent soul such as he, walking in the wild amongst modern day demons like El Craneo Negro, is almost too burdensome to consider. Please be vigilant and keep your eyes peeled for Bug. Let's bring him home!

Yours with Love,
Reverend Scott

may be bug is dead???
Posted by almam [Read other reviews by almam]

(4.5 Bones)

what if bug went outside and got killed by one of the mean dogs out their like tetanus it is not safe for dogs or people outside anymore. ps I hope bug is okay I want to pet him.

What if he's joined the dark side?
Posted by corwinj [Read other reviews by corwinj]
(1/2 Bone)

Forget being dead, what if Bug is working with El Craneo Negro and his gang? There's not much representation for small dogs in the dog gangs, so Bug could serve as a useful underboss in El Craneo Negro's organization. Maybe Bug is shy because he has something to hide? I don't think we can really rule out any possibilities now, and we've been shown time and time again you can't trust a dog in this town.

Voting him half a bone just in case he is a bad guy now.

Bug is fine, don't worry
Posted by Pete [Read other reviews by Pete]
(5 Bones)

I just checked with Bug's owners and they said he's fine and has been in the house for the last few days. He's just been avoiding the windows because people keep coming up and staring at him and he doesn't like that. He's not dead or a part of any gang. Please stop trespassing on his owner's lawn. Bug's owner was mad enough I even knocked on the door to ask.

I will say that when I was talking to his owner, I got a good look at Bug as he peeked around the corner of a sofa. What an adorable dog! I had a hard time following what his owner was yelling about, because that little guy really captured my attention. Too bad he was too shy to come say hello. His owner was kind of a jerk now that I think about. Poor Bug!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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