[QUIZ] Hey Asshole! Yeah, You, Jackass! Want To Know Which Disney Princess You Are, You Piece Of Shit?

Imagine If There Was A Zombie Apocalypse! Like In Movies.

We Saw A Bird And It Was Adorable. It Flew Away Before We Could Take A Photo Of It Though. Sorry.

It Was So Cute Though You Guys.

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Top 12 Angry Men

Racism: We Get To The Bottom Of It In Under 500 Words

[QUIZ] Think You're The Number One Rugrats Fan? You Fool. Better Souls Than You Have Tried And Failed. Take The Quiz, If You Must - But Know That Your Hubris Will Be Your Undoing.

Think You've Seen Every Shade Of The Color Blue? Think Again

poltcs [sic]

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This Article Is One Of The Articles That's Just Tweets. You Can Skip This One

[COMIC] Inspirational! Dumbass With Shitty Face Does Something Relatable

45 Dead In Tragic Inner-City Apartment Fire

Yeah, that's right. Sometimes we're a news site, too.

Which Harry Potter House Are You? Retake This Until You Get The Good One

5 Heartwarming Stories Of Pets That Overcame Disabilities - and 6 That Take A Cronenberg-esque Twist

If you enjoyed this article, you may be interested to know there is a zine called "This is Internet" that also features jokes that pretend to be web-sites. I think you will have fun reading it. It ships on July 12th but is available for purchase now. Check it out. Ganbare.

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