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Holla At: Red Whisker @ D Block on 7
Askin: pills, spitwine, hash, dots, the slugs that taste like wood and dance in your brain
Niggas word: IS BOND (98 in last 3 months)

Red Whisker got a tattoo for ya little boys. Got a tattoo.

Come up to Tier 7. Lay down. Get a tattoo. A special one.

Red Whisker has dreams with letters he ain't seen before. Ain't come from no alphabet he seen before. The dream says put them on people and make the pictures real nice. Make 'em just right.

C-Zar down on tier 4 made me this tattoo gun. Ink you up real nice. Get your skin real nice and ready for Red Whisker, let him put his ink in you. BZZZZZ. Just a little tingle-wingle. BZZZZ. Put his magic letter on your back, on your arm, on your special places.

You like pictures? Red Whisker got pictures. I got a picture of what the color is inside dying. I got a picture of the shape of the end and the beginning of time. I can draw in the sweet lady of Egypt, deathless, laughing, beckoning to every wayward man.

At night when you sleep you will dream of the tattoos Red Whisker gives you, so choose good. Choose 'em right. Because at night they will come alive while you dream. Come alive and have a good old time.

Now it's dark here in Lambspoke. Darker and colder every day. And the lights can barely see through the smoke. We move in closer, closer, to gather round our candles. Just enough light, brother. Just enough to put in the ink and make you whole again.

Come on to Tier 7. Red Whisker will give you what you need.

  • Location: Lambspoke, D-Block, Tier 7
  • Smuggles to: Nothing to be shipped unless you want to leave parts of your body behind and I can catch them up to you.

InmateID: 4023558344

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The inmates of Lambspoke Penitentiary utilize the CONEX network to exchange goods, services, and rumors as things begin to go amiss at Lambspoke.

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