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What Are You Gonna Do About The what this concerned citizen would like to know because i have decided to start my own web site: RatsPlus.. i want people to pay me $4.99/mo for RatsPlus service let them know whats up with my rats. need some money to start this. i will send the customer a text or email every time there is a new rat or a rat does something big, if there is a big deal in the rats life, etc.

"New Rat: Angelo, a big city rat with a heart of gold and a secret disease" example text message or cell phone message, quick bio telling about the secret (hook the customer into buying more info on rats!!)

"New Rat: Peter. a shy rat who secretly wishes he could be more than just a man. welcome, peter, to the "rat" race!!!" now see angelo has a potential rival or hero or a bitter lover who knows how the story is going ot unfold its a wild situation. what if they become friends but then what if a lady rat comes between them the classic story

EVEry rat will have a bio and likes or dislikes and a relationship chart teling how much it likes one rat or another or me. people love info

check out what people are going ot say about RatsPlus "I love the rats!!! RatsPlus has all the features I need" -a regular mom in town who loves RatsPlus and uses it to know whats up in the world of rats

"better check on the rats..." -business mnan who has RatsPlus gets updates sent to his phone at work or play

D.L. Hughley on "It keeps me updated on the rats!" i dont know if d.l. hughley will use the ratsplus site but he once signed my arm at the gas station it "pumped me up" for 3 days i was a happy guy

the important thing to do is to set up your phone so it plays the custom RatsPlus Rat Noise when ever you get a new update into your telephone so you dont confuse it i also want a pretty lady to call people without cell phones and talk to em about rats in case they dont have a cell phone "hey benito (customer name) this is a sexy baby from rats plus calling to let you know about Angelo. Hes our hottest new rat" emphasis on RAT to drive the point home

Ever see a rat checking its email. well now you can you can email the rats and tell them whats on your mind....... and maybe you will get an answer. (i'll be the rats in this case) Hello I'm Jordan The Rat. Thanks For Your Question. To Answer You Poltely Yes, I Love To Eat Rat Food!! see how easy this web site practically prints money out of my printer fo rme (another way to make money)

i need venture capital to realize my dream need cages or glass aquariums. also i was doing some research on prices and if i want a cage to hold many dozens of rats it will be several thousand dollars BUT heres where the business sense comes into play for the same price i can buy an old school bus and close the windows and boom instant mobile rat cage just fill it with rats and drive around

"RatsPlus ALert: Some of the rats fought last night I dont know which ones" it tells the whole story and more. maybe while i was asleep curled up like a baby in the drivers seat some of the rats got into a tussle. i'll bet they were chasing a bug together and one of them ate the bug there are gonna be bugs

I want my web site to be the #1 result on google search for any rat topic or any multimedia experience. when i search for rat multimedia experience i want it to send me directly to the rats bio live webcam and vital signs with a pulsing chart

I want my web site to have orbs also

"RatsPlus Alert: it was written in the stars. two rats are in love" if i see them rubbing

"RatsPlus Alert: Rat Death" tragedy maybe it got into the dashboard hole where the radio used to be. the sky is the limit with rats plus

GOOD BYE... DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glamore shot of hollywoods newest millionaire

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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