Recently, the company representing Garfield ran a live chat event that allowed anyone to ask Garfield any question they'd like in the entire world. I suppose they assumed people wondered innocuous things like how much lasagna the Garfster eats in a year, but a small group including some of SA's contributors, friends, loose associates, well-wishers, and others who have nothing to do with SA whatsoever all banded together to ask the tougher questions.

While GoComics heroically cherry-picked safer tweets to respond to, we're pretty sure they read each and every one anyway. Here's some favorites:

Follow your favorites: @arr, @caylenb, @mobute, @thebuttdog, @katienotopoulos, @iscoff, @famousceleb, @jakefogelnest, @boring_as_heck, @scrublord, @mikesacco, @lfitzmaurice, @roaringblood, @whyhelloclarice, @80want, @manflurry, @luckystubbs

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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