Dropping supplies for the troops.

Doing business at the kissing place.

Number negative twoing.

Punishing the rumbles.

Measuring the tract.

Renting space in my guts.

Doing it American Style.

Breathing beans.

Dancing with the growling tiger.

Blasting down the chow hole.

Taking the one-way street.

Sending presents UPS.

Letting your teeth do the talking.

Testing out your buttons.

Tempting the membrane minotaur.


Gulping pyramids.

Spilling produce down the rabbit hole.

Scamming the gall.


Taking in the trash.

Squeezing out the mops.

Sinking the wrong ship.


Cornering yesterday's biscuit.

Forgetting what it means to be hungry.

Lingering in the larder.


Choking out Gandhi.

Screaming through the specials.

Stabbing the torso from the top.


Getting even with the pharaoh.

Brandishing the bog filler.

Stalking the devil's pantry.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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