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L@@K Grandpas Wizard Nightmare (Submitted by Dzzy_Danger)

NWV grandpa, 87, Polish Immigrant "DOUGLAS"
story about a nightmare he had about a wizard. AMAZED WHOLE FAMILY. Wizard story very realistic like being in a wizard nightmare!!!


Then there was a...there was a column and it was made out of lightning...and I saw three eyes in the sky. One was blue, one was red, and one was green. And I could hear laughing even though there was nobody around. And I started to get scared and then a wizard was there. There was also Frank Paulson from the CVS who sells me my nitroglycerin pills and he was naked except for a cloth diaper. Don't know why but the fella had lobster claws sticking out of the legholes. Then the wizard kissed me on the mouth.

(4.9 out of 5) (725 votes)

Selected User Review
(Submitted by wyzardstory1fan)
Wicked wizard is unbelievable in this. chases grandpa for page after page through all sorts of scenarios including bath fun for fans of BGS. Twist ending works for fans of AGHC but really this is just such a great story it's for everyone. Not explicit at all, no screaming, it just made me remember how my grandpa used to talk about his dreams when he was on chemo. vivid imagery this is a must Xchange for every grandpa fan period.

BEST JEW GRANDPA EVER (Submitted by alterkockerlover)

NWV grandpa, 82, New yorker OTTO
very jewish and has great jewish stories from shpilkes to nachas you will not find better jewish grandpa stories ANYWHERE all other jewish grandpa stories are pretenders some of them aren't even really jewish this is the real deal


And then, what? I'm going to get down on my hands and knees and chase the ball under the porch? Feh! Can you imagine? Me, Otto Mendelbaum on bended knee like a catholic down in the dirt and bugs. It's a horror. A horror, I tell you. But then again I didn't have two shekels to rub together because I was working in my father's dreidel shop on West 51st and Otto Sr. G-D rest him was stingy as they come. A real mensch, but tight with the purse strings, if you know what I mean bubeleh.

(4.7 out of 5) (608 votes)

Selected User Review
(Submitted by goythegreat)
My Favorite Jew Grandpa Story
F the haters! Just because there is no plot and he jumps around from topic to topic doesn't mean this story sucks. Otto is the perfect Jew grandpa and the fun isn't the story, it's how he tells it. For my gelt this is the best Jewish grandpa story out there, even better than the Goldstein fakes. This goy was happy to pay the 4.95 for the stories and, that's another great thing, most stories are only 20-30,000 words. This is a collection of Otto stories that totals over 50,0000. Now that is good value!

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