The first Republican presidential debate produced memorable moments and revealed a lot about the candidates on the stage. Like their monster alter-egos. They may not actually be bloodthirsty creatures from the hell dimension, but their portrayal on TV is believable.

Donald Trump - Godzilla (Toho version)

They are brash, cause pandemonium, they're lovable even as they wreck everything, they make recognizable noises, and they're both immune to attacks from the military.

Jeb Bush - It Follows Monster

After his brother fucked the whole country this guy keeps tirelessly chasing us no matter what we do. If he catches us he is going to fuck America to death.

Scott Walker - Butterball (Cenobite)

Covered in visible slime, from hell, and he definitely has a bloody pussy on his stomach. If someone searches the Koch Brothers' lunatic asylum, they're going to find a puzzle box. No doubt this guy is a cenobite.

Ben Carson - The Thing

Everything seems fine with DOCTOR Ben Carson, until you give him a simple test and then his head is chasing you around on spider legs telling you your blood pressure medication is worse than slavery.

Mike Huckabee - Freddy Krueger

They're both haunting nightmares in striped shirts and for all he talks about precious babies, Huckabee probably murdered the kids in the neighborhood.

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