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The Yelk

In those rare cases which see a sentence interrupted after the activator but before the precipice, a yelk returns a capsized noun to its former status and allows the speaker to mulligan. Please aid the illumination of this concept with brief reference to the beneath:

Arthur: Have you seen the key to the woodsman's tomb? I need to fetch some bone-
[a passing sea bird]: Arb! Arb!
Arthur: -I need to fetch a-hillidally!

The Verb

What have you done? The verb tells you how. Whenever you commit an act, the verb is right there beside you: he is the descriptor of all we do. If you are scooting, spinning, threshing or basking, this is a verb! A verb is an action word, so be careful not to use verbs when not performing an action. Below, you will see which is a verb and what is not:

Dorroile is stealing.
He has committed a verb.

Dorroile is sleeping.
This is not a verb.

Dorroile has found a loophole.
He has found a verb.

Dorroile is slowing down in preparation for rest.
He is still doing a verb, albeit just barely.

Dorroile has come to rest.
His verb is finished.

Dorroile is awake again.
A verb? Time for you to decide!

The Interjection

This, the oldest and crudest of the parts. In substitution for a real thing to say, the interjection may suffice to convince your meaning upon the listener. When a speaker is unable to formulate proper speech, he may vocalize or yelp, perhaps in pain; this is an interjection. Take note of one:

Weyre: Ow!

Interjections may also be used to interrupt a speaker when you have not yet thought of anything to say, but would still like to interrupt. Observe and calculate how Weyre creates meaning without the use of proper words:

Arthur: Oh Weyre, I had the most tedious and frustrating dream! Now I will tell you-
Weyre: Uh-nuh!

The Obscenity

When interjecting of frustration, bode ye care that the obscenity not slip. In a friendly discourse, the obscenity is not to be worried on, but in the formal mood the word can hackle your superiors. Gauge that your situation is the casual one before embarking on a curse. In the example below, who has rendered obscenity justly?

Mary: The mail has arrived, Dorroile. You have been issued a formal scoldion by the superiors for your horrible, fitful dancing.
Dorroile: Helch.

Arthur: As your superior, it pleases me to issue this command:
Weyre: Shut you.

Courtney: At last, the height of our coital congress. Oh!
Allan: Fuck!

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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