A Part of Your Complete Photoshop Phriday!

The time has come once again for another delicious and nutritious Photoshop Phriday! This time the focus of Livestock and the SA Forums was to create various breakfast cereals that have never existed and probably should not.

Now tell me L. Ron doesn't look like he makes a mean bowl of cereal! Just tell me! I dare you! So head on over and check it out, there's a lot more where that came from.

Jeff K Reviews Morrowind

Resident Something Awful computer hacker Jeff K has somehow conned Bethesda Softworks into sending him an advance copy of the game "Morrowind" and in his own unique way he has provided us with an eye-opening review.

This wsa supposad to be a MMROPG, but ware were teh MMRs? Not O I can tell you taht budday!!1 I typed SOW PLZ at least five billian times and no one helped and no JMs ever came to healp me out of a tihgt spot. When I took my pants off I tried to auction them but no one was buying, THEY WHERE BRAND NEW PANTS, FRESH OFF THE BOAT!!!!! What is a clycops going to do with pants? Not sell them in this mess heap that's for sure!

Jeff's journalistic integrity is a tribute to the profession and more importantly to the fine work we do here every day at Something Awful. So make him happy and head on over to his new review!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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