We saw that you posted on your Facebook, Linked In, Ello, and in five different comments threads on recap sites that you no longer intend to watch HBO's Game of Thrones. We saw that you tweeted the #IQuitGameofThrones hashtag. Because of the bad thing. We know the one. We understand your reasoning, they definitely did cross a line this time, but we hope you reconsider. We're all just sick about it, to be honest. Wrecked. Don't know if we can go on like this for long.

Keep watching it, please! Slow down and think about the magnitude of the decision you are making. If you stop watching this you are hurting everyone you love and all of your friends. What is it going to take to get you to reconsider?

The other bad thing was bad. What they did to that character was unforgivable. The one with the girl wearing sweater plate mail. It was pointlessly cruel. And then the other other bad thing was even worse. And now this bad thing? Well, we get it. We totally sympathize with you not watching Game of Thrones. BUT have you thought about maybe still watching Game of Thrones? Instead of not watching it you could actually watch it. Please?

We know you think it's real bad. But as a counterpoint, maybe think about that it is actually real good.

To be honest, we're worried about self harm here. Suicidal ideation is possible. If you are willing to give up on Game of Thrones because of what they did to a character, there might be all sorts of other drastic decisions you are willing to take based on gritty fantasy epics. You haven't bought a gun have you? You're not planning to watch the original Conan we hope. This is about your safety after a certain point.

You can't appreciate how this will hurt those around you until a couple days have gone by and you have seen those looks from your friends and those desperate, hurt expressions from your family. PLEASE KEEP WATCHING GAME OF THRONES. You've made your point. We know we can lose you on this. We know you're willing to do anything. But just keep watching it.

Think of everyone who is counting on you to watch the show. All those thousands you know personally and the millions counting on you around the world. We have faith in you to come around to the right decision.

Game of Thrones watching status: doing it? We can only hope you make the correct decision. We will be praying for you and for the show.

Oh you fucking monster!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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