Legends of Wrestling II brings the wrestling legends of the WWF to life in an intense fantasy future roleplaying game of gothic horror and epic emotional plot. This walkthrough was written with the Xbox in mind but much of it will also apply to the PS2 and PC versions. Please note that the nude Han Solo character unlock was just a rumor and is therefore not included in this walkthrough. There never was a Han Solo, nude or otherwise, in Legends of Wrestling II. The nude Thomas Jefferson unlock can be found in the cheats section.



Hulk Hogan is the starting character and can be leveled to usefulness throughout the game. His primary attack is the Seer Sword and his special attacks include Hyper Beak, Turmoil Tornado, Lucky Ladies, and Hotrod. He is good with Ether Magic and Meteor Magic, but you will probably want to use all of his Powerspheres for Swordeo and Charge Attack. His ultimate weapon is the Dark Vengeance Blade.


You can find Andre the Giant in Summoner's Peak near the tavern and he will join the party automatically when you talk to him. Andre is an excellent physical attacker and is armed with Brawler Moves. His special attacks are all Brawling-based so I would recommend expanding his magic skills to include Heat Magic, Seaside Magic, and when it becomes available Titanic Magic. His ultimate weapon is Adamantium Knuckle Knives.


Nimbus Fade is a master assassin and he appears in Craggy Bottom when you complete the Hyperion quests for Enchanter Steve. Nimbus will only join your party if the Gringo Grappler is not already in your party. This is fine because if you have the Gringo Grappler you don't need Nimbus Fade. Otherwise just use Nimbus Fade until you can get the Gringo Grappler and then kick Nimbus Fade out of your party. Nimbus Fade uses Hurt Magic, Venom Magic, and attacks with his Serpent Discus. His ultimate weapon is the Cobra Coil.


Hacksaw appears so late in the game (Apokalypse Acres) that you will probably relegate him to the back of your party. He wields the Board of Justice and has special attacks you will never use like Chairman of the Board, Duck Tapes, and U-S-A. He is the only character in the game that can learn Beardaga Magic, but this isn't really worth getting unless you're having trouble with the Maned Minion or Santaclips. His ultimate weapon is the Silver Board of Wrath.


Rista Highmoore will join your party automatically when you complete the Egg Quest and the Horticulture Quest. She fights with the Threewhip and you MUST HAVE HER IN YOUR PARTY to complete the game. Rista's special attacks include Lady Lash, Cruel Mistress, Dungeon Queen, Bull Crack, and Spinning Justice. She is good with Hurt Magic and can eventually acquire Agony Magic. Her ultimate weapon is the Fivewhip.


The Gringo Grappler is being imprisoned in the Genoforce Corporation's Fortress. When you rescue him make sure you choose the "Be a man, Hogan" dialogue option or he will NOT JOIN YOUR PARTY. If Nimbus is in your party Gringo Grappler will refuse to join until you kick Nimbus out. Be sure you do not have an invisibility scroll active when you talk to Gringo Grappler or the game will lock up. The Gringo Grappler is a Brawler like Andre the Giant but he has extremely powerful Technicos Magic, he does double damage to Rudos Undead, and near the end of the game he can learn Torpedo Magic. His ultimate weapon is the Girdle of Technique.


Visa Supercharge will join your party automatically after Hulk Hogan gains his Ori'Shan scar in the Lava Castle. She attacks using a Winsome Wand, but you will mostly want to use her for her Heal, Healaga, and Dark Healaga magic. She is really annoying during the cut scenes but the fact that you won't have to buy curation tinctures anymore sort of makes up for it. Her ultimate weapon is the Comely Caduceus.


You can get Dracura in Crazy Cindy's Crypt by assembling all seven parts of the Myth Mummy and then answering his riddle correctly (the answer is "love"). Dracura comes pre-levelled, has damage regeneration of 7, and is invulnerable to non-magical attacks. His special attacks are Kiss of the Lover, Crimson Embrace, Rose Passion, and Teardrops of Felony. Once you have Dracura in your party you are pretty much unstoppable so keep that in mind before allowing him into your party. If you're trying for 100% complete you will want him to beat the four Seasonal Golems, otherwise I would recommend not adding him to your party. His ultimate weapon is the Thorny Lancet.



Once the cinematic finishes move Hulk Hogan down the corridor. You will encounter several random guard patrols as well as Genetowasps. Just use your clotheslines and arm bar takedowns, Lucky Ladies when your special attack crystal is full, and run if you are hurt too badly. Just before you get to the unlocked door at the end of the hall you will see a crate. The code for this crate is 778 and inside you will find a Powersphere. Put the Powersphere into either Lucky Ladies or Hogan's Swordeo battletalent. Head through the door.

You will fight three Chief Scientists and Doctor Von Mueller. Ignore the Chief Scientists and attack Von Mueller. If any of the random encounters dropped stun grenades use them on the scientists because Von Mueller is immune. When you kill Von Mueller it will show a cinematic revealing the dark curse that the Genoforce Corporation has placed on you. When the cinematic finishes you have to navigate a series of tunnels while a timer counts down to the self-destruct of the Genoforce Lab. When you get to the junctions take the right-hand door, right-hand door, left-hand door, and the center door in that order. Another cinematic will play showing the Genoforce Prison exploding.


Talk to the old man near where you start in the NC Slums. During your conversation select the following dialogue options:

1====> "Thanks, Jabroni"
2====> "Magic, who needs magic?"
3====> "Yes, I've hung and I've bung."
4====> "I'll take the Powersphere."

Take the Powersphere from the old man and apply it to Swordeo or use it to buy one of Hogan's two new available special attacks. I would suggest Python Patrol. There's a merchant nearby who can sell you a Minor Bicarbonate of Soda, but save your money for when you have enough to buy the Wound Graver Sword. Head south and open the sewer grate. Inside the sewer you will see a woman who belongs to the resistance. Pretty much anything you say to her is fine as long as you don't call her a jobber. She will take you to the Vermillion Resistance Hideout.


There are several people you can talk to in the VRH, but the first thing you want to do when you arrive is search all of the crates and chests. There is also a locked crate behind the sewer pumps next to the statute of the Vermillion Valkyrie. Mieracco gives you the code of 835 but you can just skip talking about the code and entering it in. Inside you will find the 24" Torques of Trauma. Equip those because they're much better than your 24" Rusted Bracers. Buy any Geo Boosts, Candy, and Stun Grenades you think you'll need from the merchants there. You will also have the option of participating in the VRH training arena. You'll probably lose until you're level 5, so just hold off on that for now and accept the quest that Meiracco offers to take a package to the Red Wizard Nookly in Summoner's Peak.

Once you've got the quest head back outside the VRH hideout and back to Nexus City. When you exit the sewer you will find a little girl who lost her poppeh. You can tell her you're too busy (neutral), threaten her with your pythons for heel score, or offer to help her find the poppeh for face score. It is hiding underneath a blanket next to the Sheena Zap poster. After you've helped her out (or not) you can head to the east gate of Nexus City. You can fast travel there if you want but I would advise following the road and leveling up a little through random encounters. Do not take the south fork in the road or you will head to Ric Flair's Millennial Bog. You are not ready to fight the Four Horsemen yet.


When you reach Summoner's Peak you will find the Red Wizard Nookly's magic workshop immediately to your left. If you want a chance to gain face or heel points you can stop to deal with the apple vendor with the overturned applecart in the thoroughfare. Head into Nookly's shop and tell the Monkekette that you have brought a package from Nexus City. Nookly will appear in a really irritating cinematic. Nookly has by far the worst voice acting in the game and you will be so sick of "Hooooheee, the winds of fate are not with you today" before you're done dealing with him. Give Nookly the package. He will challenge you to a Shakuhachi Flute contest. It's a really simplistic rhythm game where you just have to match whatever Nookly plays on his flute.

If you win the contest you will have a choice between a "priceless artifact" and "a lot of gold." If you choose the priceless artifact option Nookly will give you a zero-value Worthless Coin. If you choose "a lot of gold" then he will give you a claim ticket for the bank in Nexus City. If you get Lot #17 from the bank you will find a single gold coin. A "lot" of gold, get it? Har, har, that Nookly. You NEED the Worthless Coin to get the Dark Vengeance Blade for Hogan later in the game.

Finish talking to Nookly, he'll give you a note for the VRH, and then go back and talk to the Monkekette. If you have the gold buy five Beefy Jerks from him. When you leave Nookly's workshop a cinematic will play in which you accidentally bump into Andre the Giant. He gets mad, but instead of attacking you he challenges you to an arm wrestling match. The arm wrestling match is a nearly-impossible button mashing minigame. However, if you bought the Beefy Jerks you can placate Andre the Giant by giving him those. Add Andre the Giant to your party.

Instead of heading immediately back to Nexus City it will be easier for you if you go to the Doggone Forest and get Rista Highmoore. Head south out of Summoner's Peak and when you get to the Singing Obelisk of Kevin Nash's Hair you're going to want to head east. Walk across the field until you hit the tree wall and follow that until you get to the entrance to the Hidden Glade.


Walk into the Hidden Glade and approach the circle of mushrooms. When you step inside a combat will be initiated with a Mycafiend. This is one of the toughest fights you will have had up to this point so be ready with the Resurrection Creams. When you defeat the Mycafiend a cinematic will play and you will be able to talk to the Zephaerie that inhabits the Hidden Glade. She will agree to let you into the Horticulturist's Garden if you bring her the egg of Brett Hart. This conversation opens the path to the Lair of Brett Hart.

Fight your way through the random encounters and enter the Lair of Brett Hart.


The Lair of Brett Hart is a twisting maze of traps and difficult random encounters. You can disable most of the traps by activating semi-concealed trap crystals. Be cautious and on the lookout for these crystals at all times. Try to move east whenever this is an option.

In a large creepy chamber with red light streaming down from crystals you will encounter Brett Hart's necromancer henchman Neidhart. Neidhart himself is not that tough, just keep using takedown attacks and Meteor Magic and you'll whittle down his health. When he is nearly dead a cinematic will play showing Neidhart conjure the undead spirit of Brett Hart's brother Owen. Owen is a Negazombie and, although slow, he does huge damage when he hits and is immune to every type of magic other than Heat Magic. Finish Neidhart off so that he will stop healing Owen and then use Heat Magic and Hogan's Burning Bulldogs to bring down Owen Hart.

When Owen Hart dies you can open a great treasure chest with weapons for both Hogan and Andre and then proceed east to Brett Hart's throne room. Brett Hart jealously guards his clutch of eggs and you will get some pretty funny conversation options with him before the fight starts. After the battle with Nedihart and Owen, Brett is going to seem like a pushover. He will continually summon Hart Foundation guards to protect his eggs. Just ignore them and focus your attacks on Brett. When he dies the guards disappear. Take the egg and return to the Zephaerie. She will thank you and open the way for you to meet the Horticulturist. She will also give you the Summoning Powersphere for Summon Booker T.


Scott Hall the Horticulturist is working on a particularly potent strain of the Machismo Herb in his hidden growing center. When you disturb him he will be angry and drunk. His assistant is Rista Highmoore but she won't be able to talk to you until you get permission from Scott Hall. Talk to Hall and make the following dialogue choices:

1====> "No thanks, bra"
2====> "Only losers are users."
3====> "Good sir, I swear on my bandana that on this day Hulkamania will not be made to run roughshod over you."
4====> "Yes, I will get you the prescription painkillers."

Scott Hall gives you a mission to travel deep into the bad part of the Doggone Forest and recover a crate of prescription painkillers that he dropped when fleeing from the monsters that lurk there. This mission is extremely easy. Whenever you get attacked by a Mud Mog use a stun grenade or a Sleep Magic attack and then run away. They give you crap experience. If you want to gain heel or face points you can head north and you can help carry the gravely injured Rey Mysterio back to the Horticulturist's Redoubt. Otherwise just head west until you dead end and then head south. You'll have to fight off the Jobber Ghouls that guard the crate but there's no real boss fight.

When you get to the shaft of light a cinematic will play showing you pick up the crate. Return to Scott Hall for your reward. Another cinematic will play at which point Scott Hall is no longer coherent and you can pick up his Toothpick of the Throwing (a good weapon for Nimbus Fade). Talk to Rista Highmoore and get her to join your party. Head back to Nexus City. You can fast travel once you're out of the Doggone Forest, but you may want to just hoof it on foot so that you can level her up to match Hogan and Andre.


I will continue this when I get a chance because I have got soccer practice today and my mom wants me to let my sister use the computer. Hopefully Monday I will be able to finish it. If you have any questions about specific parts of the game you want me to answer in Part 2 just let me know.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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