Joker is NOT AFRAID to be mean to ASIAN KEN about PARKING in HIS SPACE


Stop voting because the real joke is our two party system...... but nobody is laughing (EXCEPT BANK$)

Show up on set and do a Willy Wonka pratfall only you have a blood packet in your mouth so when you somersault up you smile and bow and there is SICK BLOOD coming down your chin

Terrify people by cutting your own hair REALLY BADLY

Write "GOTCHA" at the bottom of every craft service dish don't do ANYTHING to the food but make them think you DID

Hire a guy to carry around a skeleton in a GREEN WIG and get its own chair

Make people watch a REAL car crash video on youtube

One day show up on set in a dress just to see what these people can even HANDLE when you act like nothing is up

This is REAL!!! You are really the Joker. You are CRAZY and DANGEROUS so stop worrying so much about GLUTEN

Use the REALLY BAD cuss words like BRONT and GLUZZ

Tell your agent to find out who ADAM BEACH is and then sneak up behind him and YELL

Shoot a gun at PUMPKINS with pictures of CAST MEMBERS on the PUMPKINS

No more PAN PIZZAS only HAND TOSSED because Joker would THROW a PIZZA

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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