Several years ago I found myself being verbally abused by Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka via a popular instant messaging client. In the midst of this colorful conversation, I mistakenly wrote "Internest" instead of "Internet." We then both agreed "Internest" sounded like a fantastic name for a web comic about birds living atop the information superhighway. Later that decade I proceeded to turn Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka's dream into a reality, bringing tears to his eye and joy to his hearts (he's kind of a mutant). What follows is a collection of some high quality, intelligent comic strips based on the world of modern computing! Each comic is lovingly inspired by and dedicated to the genius that is Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka.

Thanks for enjoying these amazing comics!

No one actually updates the Daily Dirt

It's here and over here and over here but not there. Okay, I lied. it was there all along.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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