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To attempt to extend or explain the punchline of a failed joke long enough to keep everyone's attention until they think it's funny.

"So the hillbilly said, 'sorghum? Damn near killed 'um!' Sorghum! Almost killed him with sorghum! Which is a type of grain! Maybe farmer was confused regarding--"

"Give up the filibuster, Matt."

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Dude's Dilemma2 up, 517 down
A quandary idiosyncratic to the male sex.

"Should I take my girlfriend to see the new Twilight, or spend all day at the gym doing squats with medicine balls? It is a dude's dilemma."

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Kurt Loder0 up, 159 down
A weird old guy who hangs around with your crew for a while before suddenly revealing that he's actually cooler than all of you.

"I'm so sick of this town. What should we do tonight?"

"Well, we could go back to my loft, do some blow and listen chronologically to every punk single released in 1977 and 1978. I've got them all on vinyl."

"Holy shit! Kurt Loder!"

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Man Landers11 up, 224 down
A guy adept at solving dude's dilemmas.

"Take your girlfriend to see Twilight. You can go to the gym tomorrow."

"Thanks, Mark. You're a real Man Landers."

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Floydian Slip0 up, 3956 down
An accidental revelation of one's shameful secret taste for overwrought 1970s progressive rock.

"Hey, want to play some Genesis?"

"You mean the console or the band? I have both."

"Yecch! Did I detect a Floydian Slip?"

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4 up, 118 down
Someone who recites movie quotes at inopportune times.

"My friend Nancy died this weekend."

*Freddy Krueger voice* "I'm your boyfriend now, Nancy."

"Real sensitive, you IMDbag."

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