Throw A Snuggie On
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To derail a conversation by mentioning a stupid pop culture fad of the moment.

"Hey, you know what else reminds me of fourth quarter losses? Pants on the Ground!"

"Oh my God, I have funniest remix of that! Let me play it on the projector."

"Well, you certainly threw a snuggie on this meeting."

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Axe Effect Effect
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The terror and repulsion that grips women when a loathsome man gains unwarranted confidence from his pungent body spray.

"Hey ladies, mind if I join y-- hey, is she OK?"

"My god, it's the Axe Effect Effect! Get some paper towels to stop the bleeding!"

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Night Gallery
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The Facebook profiles you only look at in late-night moments of depression, weakness, nostalgia or drunkenness.

"Man, last night I checked out my ex's profile, then looked up everyone from my graduating class to see who got fat or had kids. I was deep within the macabre terror of Rod Serling's Night Gallery."

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I'm Getting The Hell Out Of Here, Away From You And Whatever It Is You're Doing
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The popular and oft-quoted line spoken by actor Brad Johnson in the 1993 science fiction film Philadelphia Experiment II. Used in practically any situation.

"Hey, I'm going to order some Thai food, want anything?"

"I'm Getting The Hell Out Of Here, Away From You And Whatever It Is You're Doing!"

"Shut up, you IMDBag."

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An annoying person who always points out when people are being "That Guy."

"I heard Linda just broke up with her boyfriend! Should I call her?"

"Dude, don't be That Guy."

"Yeah, well, don't be THAT Guy!"

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Malkovich Loop
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The fruitless and often inescapable pondering of an incomprehensible film.

"Don't even get me started on Donnie Darko 4. I'll get stuck in a Malkovich Loop."

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