jigsawHelp me punish the wicked.

I shall not bother introducing myself, as you are all undoubtedly familiar with my name. Due to recent schedule conflicts and a lack of sufficient funds, I have unfortunately neglected satisfying my sinister half. Additionally, I believe a crippling case of writer's block has infected my work, and I find myself doubting the quality of my creations.

As a result, I call for your feedback and opinions as I reveal my latest trap. The backstory: while purchasing smoked salmon at the Piggly Wiggly in Albertville, I noticed a man hoarding vast quantities of broccoli. I silently observed him for the subsequent six months, and each day he ate at least one bunch of broccoli.

My goal is to force this man to face the brutal reality he has been avoiding for years. I have built an entire apartment complex which looks exactly like the one he lives in, except once you enter, your body is immediately trapped in a tight plexiglass box. Then a television turns on and there's a VHS tape of my dummy riding a tricycle or sitting in a wading pool and my voice comes on and says:

"You are a man who tries in vain to satiate your appetite with broccoli. You do not merely like broccoli... you LOVE it. And if you love broccoli so much... WHY DON'T YOU MARRY IT?"

Then I force the man to marry a piece broccoli or else his head will explode (the TV explodes). What is the quickest and cheapest way for me to become an ordained minister?

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06/10/09 - 6:01 AM

DOUG DAWGRE: Help me punish the wicked.

i hate assholes like u.............


06/10/09 - 6:52 AM

ubuntu god
RE: Help me punish the wicked.

Wow everybody, look who's back? The guy who sold out back in 2006! Are your traps still as lame and predictable? I wasn't aware it was Amateur Torture Night here on the forums. I assumed you were gone forever back when I flamed the fuck out of you for that insipid "trap" you came up with where you put all those needles in a pit. Man, how lame was that shit? The trap scene stopped doing holes back in 1994, yet here you are, thinking you can reinvent the wheel.

Why don't you get a new career and leave the torture traps to professionals like the rest of us? You seem to think all it takes is a stupid dummy, a tape recorder, and a jar of exploding nails. You're in it for the fame, just like all the other lamers who shit this place up. Some of us are actually dedicated to the art, producing revolutionary new material like Feisty Fawn and DanielJ, who just yesterday finished building a sweaty tree that shits molten lava into a prisoner's dickhole, to teach them about humanity. I'd like to see you try to do something ORIGINAL like that, instead of your cookie cutter, Looney-Tunes garbage you call "traps".

06/10/09 - 7:14 AM

Jonah F. Davis
RE: Help me punish the wicked.

hi im looking for a 14x48 hay tarp cheap

will pay for shipping

contact info in profile


06/10/09 - 8:00 AM

RE: Help me punish the wicked.

hmmmmm I dunno about that but how abotu this for an idea:

a shower you think you're walking into a normal shower. "oh this is going to be a nice normal shower" the person thinks. then they turn on the water and notice no water is comming out!!! so they go to bang on the door and say "let me out of this shower it not working!!!" but the door dose not open! it is locked.

then ur TV turns on and it is the puppet and he says "are you ready to RUMBLE" and then BAAAMMMM WAHHHHHHH IT IS an earthquake and as the person is falling into his basement (with poisen spikes in it) the shower turns on and PEE COMES OUT OF THE SHOWER and the man: "oh no this is not what I wanted to happen when i took this shower!!!!!"

let me know what u think!

06/10/09 - 11:47 AM

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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