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I am a ladies man. There is no denying that fact. Every day I wake up with the singular goal of getting a piece of ass, and if my index finger doesn't smell like cigarette smoke and tuna at the end of the day I feel like a surgeon who let a tonsillectomy patient die on the operating table. If any of my family is reading this I would like to tell them now that, if I ever fall into a coma, all they need to do is make a fat chick in a skirt jog in the sun for a few hours and then have her walk by my bed to wake me up. I am that serious about pussy.

That said, I understand that diversified hobbies make for interesting people. During my Vlogosphere adventure I found I wonderful community of people who put subtitles on screen captures of popular Disney Channel programs to create a mixture of fanfiction and television. These fanvids, specifically the superb "Still There For Me" saga, inspired me. I went to work and eventually produced what I think was a very good first attempt at creating my own fanvid.

I also discovered that popular opinion was wrong and that you do not have to be homosexual to do some spoken word art - color me surprised! I came across this information when watching QUINNtessentialXXIII's "Manifesto [I Believe]," a video that made me laugh and wonder about the mysteries of the universe at the same time. Kind of like grandma's funeral! I was so touched by his words I decided to make my own "I Believe" video, which you can see here (I strongly recommend you watch his first to understand the format, though)!

I like to be on the cutting edge of comedy. When I discovered a little underground Internet phenomenon called "lolcats" I will admit I was excited. I was on the ground floor of the next big thing! After watching pacmaniac91's "Lolcats" video I understood that, if I wanted to help spur on the next All Your Base, I needed to get heavily involved. Here is the result.

I have to admit I did not like anime prior to my adventure. Upon entering the Vlogosphere, however, I realized what a cultural treasure it truly is. Fellow vlogger narutoismybrother showed me the finer points of the craft in his "Words from an Otaku" vlog series, and I made it a point to learn more about Japan's biggest media export. (The sound quality on this video is so bad a deaf person very well might have a better chance to understand it than you.)

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