Giving Back to the Vlogosphere Community

My Vlogosphere adventure was almost over. Money was tight and my loving fiancee pulled me aside and affectionately told me if I didn't stop screwing around with the video camera she was going to find someone capable of holding a real job for more than six hours at a stretch. As you may have guessed, I was heartbroken. The Vlogosphere had become an important part of my life. I didn't know what I would do without it. With a heavy heart I signed on for my final few vlogs, knowing full well I would no longer have the liberty of devoting whole days to the perfection of my craft.

Before I signed off for the final time I knew something had to be done about Bobservo. As you saw in the article I linked at the beginning of this update, he had some mean things to say about my BBW buddies piperben66 and Fluttershy. This vlog, which he posted despite my pleadings that he keep it private, was a step in the right direction for me. I can only hope my message of kindness touched a few hearts.

Update: Shortly after I finished this article my former eNemesis BodaciousBBW2 left me two heartwarming comments on this vlog. Here are the comments:

"I'm proud of you. Thank you for making the decision to stop the hate."
"I respect you for doing this. Thank you." I am glad to say we buried the hatchet and that we are now eBuddies instead of eEnemies :) Giving back to the eCommunity is a very fulfilling task :)

Another Update: After I added the above block of text to the article BodaciousBBW2 went out of her way to commend me on my change of heart! I am too excited to explain it all so I will just keep smiling and hope you click the link (this is because she didn't allow embedding for this video). It's amazing to me these women were so willing to open their hearts to me after the grief I put them through, especially since there must not have been much room with all those clogged arteries :)

For my final vlog I knew I had to leave a positive impact on the Vlogosphere. I found a wonderful group of young women collectively known as crazygreeneygirls and fell in love instantly. Their irreverence and lightheartedness in the face of their mental retardation touched me in such a special place I felt like I needed a cigarette and a cuddle session after discovering them. Part of this was undoubtedly due to the fact that I had injured my neck in an accident that totaled my brand-new car less than 12 hours prior to the making of the video, but if anything having a fistful of Lortabs at the hospital amplified my love of those girls and, indeed, the Vlogosphere on the whole.

Overall my trip to the Vlogosphere was every bit as enlightening and soul-stirring as finding religion or opening a bag of microwave pizza rolls and finding they left 20 rolls in the bag instead of 15. There is no greater experience than saying the exact same line 25 times over because you cannot get the timing on the phrase "cheese monkey Jesus" down just right. I look at my times making vlogs as an important milestone in my quest to sell out at the first opportunity I get.

What did I learn, though? Outside of video editing (which I believe I have mastered now) I also found that treating people with kindness is the only good way to live one's life. I may have screwed up a few times on my journey but I am not holding that against myself. If it weren't for mistakes the world would not have Silly Putty, the chocolate chip cookie, or Bob "BobServo" Mackey. Will my vlogs make as big an impact on the world as any of those things? Only time will tell, kind reader. Only time will tell.

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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