Shortly after I uploaded my videos the YouTube White Knight Brigade came to the aid of Fluttershy and piperben66. They did not understand the special bond the three of us shared. I consider myself to be a pretty calm guy but I do not have a lot of patience when it comes to Internet trolls. When The Constitution allows us a great resource like the Vlogosphere, I believe it is our duty as Americans to use it for the greater good.

One troll in particular really got my goat. BodaciousBBW2 (formerly known as BodaciousBBW) followed me around the Vlogosphere for the better part of a week trying to get a reaction from me. I have to admit she was a good troll; I caved. Here is my response.

The video must not have worked because the troll brigade kept following me. This was partially my fault. If anything this article is meant to be educational so I would like to tell all you aspiring vloggers out there one thing: If you are going to call someone fat you had better not set your camera directly under the vast expanse of your second chin. In doing so I went from a normal-looking dude with a few extra pounds to something that strongly resembled a morbidly obese Bobby Hill with a stuttering problem and an affinity for the Cincinnati Reds. The vlogosphere caught onto that, and in my very next vlog I was unfairly thrust into a world in which my assailants didn't understand the concepts of "courtesy" or "the shift key." (Unbearably bad sound quality; turn your speakers way up and cup your hand to your ear like Hulk Hogan circa 1998.)

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