factman_PI (1 hour ago)
Several scenes from a movie or movies edited together. All the scenes seem to focus on a woman being attacked or injured. The voices are in German.

That's kind of cute.

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fatbiotaku (2 hours ago)
Dont kno the movie but the actress is Haruko Desmu and she is known throughout japan and south korea. Americans and Canadians probably know her best as Misu from Orangeu Cashubox Girru.

I read she moved to America recently. She is pretty much garbage anyway as you would expect. Although there is a girl in my Jet Program class who looks kind of like her. I would ask her out but shes only 9 three more years :D

~nyoro :3

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4champ (2 hours ago)
"your lulz give them to me" - pedobearinator 2: lulzment day


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helyungoku (6 hours ago)
good news this is some gay shit probably gayest shit ever I hope you die
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ryonalover22 (7 hours ago)

I have been looking everywhere for this to add it to my collection

*chokes* awesome

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pauldavidson (8 hours ago)
you'll never see cnn or msnbc talking about this only on fox news will they cover it why is that?????

no left wing conspiracy my kiester

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mmarissa (8 hours ago)
kyle dont even try to act like you didn't post that video response to jennyfer i fuckin saw that shit boy

that is low 'tubin behind my back when you know i dont have my canera hooked up in my new house. You better delete that vlog or I am gonna vote you down.

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danfunsman (8 hours ago)
oh okay no problem buddy :)
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burpo (8 hours ago)
I think we're on the same page dan. I was talkin' to storminnormin that prick from the last page.
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danfunsman (8 hours ago)
i was talking about YOU people as in the Western Civilization, so shut the fuck up cocksucker, i know more then you will ever know moron. And Suleiman is Magnificent, because unlike the Crusaders, he FOUGHT AND KILLED ARMED CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS, not like you assholes, killing unarmed Muslim and Jewish women and kids. so once again, fuck off you old bastard, and go study somemore before your time on earth is up bitch.
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dainquisitor (9 hours ago)
what is so bad about Iraq? what about america?

its not like youre in charge so why bother arguing?

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burpo (9 hours ago)
The culture of violence and the gun culture of america are being imitated in the east by america's client states. It's only a matter of time before you yanks make everyone from Japan to China obese and stupid.
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